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Do you think that mods should have to approve posts before they're put up on Fluther?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 17th, 2015

This morning (early in the morning when I’m usually on), there’s a Viagra spammer who, as of last count, posted 95 spam posts. I contacted the mods (who are most likely sleeping or busy with their own lives) but other than that, there’s nothing I can do. My “Activity for You” is growing and I am no longer trying to click on it, as I know each one is the spammer, who is going all over the site doing his dirty deeds.

I was thinking of ways this could be prevented in the future. One idea is that other people, approved by Fluther and then given special “spam deletion powers” be able to delete spam. I am not seeing this as likely. My other idea is that users have to have their posts approved prior to posts going up on Fluther.

A third idea is to have two levels of Jelly. One level is for newbies like this spammer guy, who would not be able to just post things without approval. A second level would be Jellies who have been around a long time (maybe with 1000 lurve minimum or something) and therefore are known to the site and somewhat “proven” and not likely to post spam. Maybe that level would be able to just post without prior approval.

What do you think?

I’m just feeling sympathetic for the mods, who, when they log on, with this guy having posted 100 spams all over, will have their work cut out for them. Not sure how long each one takes to delete, but if each one takes one minute, that’s 100 minutes right there, just on bullshit.

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It would be an impossible task for the mods to have to approve all posts before they’re put up. Nobody has the time for that. Your other idea about having some of us old-timers capable of deletng spam sounds more workable to me.

This morning is ridiculous.

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That spammer was nothing compared to this one.

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On some boards, you have to get your posts approved by a mod until you have had a certain (low number) of posts previously approved. Like if someone had to post at l sat 2–3 times, that could deter the spammers, but not make it too hard for the mods.

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I don’t know the answer but when I logged on today and saw all those deletions I was wanting to kiss a mod for saving me from the spam.
I know the guys aren’t improving the site anymore but it would be nice if the mods could delete a user and mark all their posts as spam in one click. I’m sure that the majority of spammers come here for nothing else.

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Yeah, I noticed all the spam but no, they only need to review a small portion of them.

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The site would become way too damn slow if that was implemented, and a whole trusted userbase would suffer the consequences. We need another way to combat spammers without reducing activity here to a frozen snail pace.

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No. It would be a nightmare for them in terms of workload but I also don’t want a team of people determining whether my question is ‘Fluther suitable’. We have had enough arguments over the years about whether specific posts should be moderated or not, or why certain questions were removed, to put the mods in that position.

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There’s no development on this site, Fluther?

I understand your frustration, but if you have a simple fix? It’s not that simple.

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I have argued for this even when they still worked on the site. Make 20 mods that only do spam. If a persons first question has a link in it push it to a queue where the 20 trusted spam fighters can approve it. I doubt it would have take more than a few minutes for a question to get reviewed and approved or rejected. And if one of the “spam mods” constantly fucked up you could just remove them.

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