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How can we transport a wedding cake without heat damage?

Asked by CakeBaker (4points) July 21st, 2008

We have to move a fondant covered cake from Canada to TN next week by car – any recommendations or industry secrets on how to pack and protect it would be appreciated.

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From Baking 911:

“Large cakes should be transported in pieces rather than the whole stacked cake at once. Put each tier in its own sturdy box. If you have any delicate decorations, do not put them on until you reach your destination. And, always take a repair kit with you if there are last minute touch-ups required.

When transporting a cake, shade it from the sun. I made a wedding cake which had to be transported about an hour’s drive away. I had it in the back of a van, which, of course, has many big windows. The color in the flowers on the side facing the back window faded in the sun. By the time we arrived, there were two very distinct sides to that cake!”

Here is another detailed article from the folks at Wilton. And, finally, from the Cake Channel.

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Thanks for the suggestions 911. We will be moving it in layers (the top three of which will be Styrofoam cores). Do you know of any ways that we could keep it cool in a car for 14 hours that will not harm the fondant. I have looked at dry ice but that has to be very well ventilated.

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@cakebaker Fourteen hours is a long cake transport! For example, Duff of Ace of Cakes does not allow his cakes to be transported more than four hours.

The only references that I found are to covering the windows to avoid sun damage, keeping the car’s AC cranked up, and not transporting in the trunk in hot weather.

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Air conditioning and lots of bubble wrap?

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how to transport a three layer cake 1200 miles. how do I keep it cool

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