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Should I tell my employer that I am unhappy with my job?

Asked by the_overthinker (1527points) September 20th, 2015

Hi fellow jellies,

I am feeling a bit down and confused. Will you listen and give me your comments, or maybe some words of wisdom from your experiences?

I am happy with the company that I am with, and with the people, but I have discovered that I am unhappy with my job/position.

A little background – I work at a small organization, with under 14 people. I have been there for almost a year now. I also just finished my university with a degree in Business/ Commerce. My position relates to my studies, and I have felt very fortunate to have this job. It pays very well, especially for a recent graduate from university. A lot of my friends are not as fortunate as myself, but instead are left with large student debts, feeling lost, and struggling to find a job.

At work, I love the people, and the organizational culture.. but the thing is, I do not love my job, or at least, certain aspects of it. When I first accepted the job, I was extremely excited. It paid well, and seemed like my dream job. Also, I wanted and needed experience in the workforce.. I wasn’t exactly sure what the job entailed, but I was ready to challenge myself. It’s been almost a year working there now and, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in a job, and in an employer.

I am more introverted than extroverted, and although in the beginning, I was eager to challenge myself and I was self motivated to do all aspects of my job, I realize now that I cannot see myself doing this in the long term (3+ years). My position requires me to travel, to be out of the office, and to do public speaking. Though I can perform all aspects of my job, I do not enjoy these parts. There are aspects of my job that I enjoy. These parts include the portion where I am at my desk, and not out.

In the beginning, travelling was exciting! I could stay in hotels, and go to different places.. but now this has become utterly dreadful. I was also OK with public speaking and presentations. But now, I realize that I want an office job that doesn’t include being outside of the office, travelling, or public speaking, etc. I wasn’t informed of what percentage of my time would be spent on public speaking. Now every time a presentation is scheduled, I dread it and become stressed, and unhappy. I have to exert a lot of energy in order to do this, and it is really draining.

The outcome I hope to achieve from voicing my unhappiness, is that I hope my supervisor can maximize my strengths, and change up my job description so that I am doing more of what I enjoy about my job, and less or none of what I do not enjoy (maximize the other colleagues’ strengths as well – some love public speaking, and presenting, etc). With it being such a small organization, I hope that my job/position could be altered in such a way that I could be happy, and not have to do the things that I feel is insurmountable for me, as an introvert.

But, perhaps I am just being too hopeful. Should I just stick it out, and perform the aspects of my job that leaves me unhappy? I’m afraid to leave this job. What if my next job is even more dissatisfying? What if I cannot find another organization where I love the people, or its culture?

I do not want to quit, or be fired for voicing my unhappiness about my position. I do not want to leave the company, but I do not want to keep my job the way it is. What do you think? Would I be fired for being unhappy about my position? Would there be repercussions with voicing this? (damaging my professional career, or limiting my career options within the organization)? Should I speak up, or just stick through it because it pays well, and because I’m fortunate to have a job right out of school?

I feel uncertain and confused about what to do. But another part of me tells me I should just feel fortunate for having this job, and keep it for at least 3 years for experience. What should I do?

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