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In the future, what will label people as "being from" the current times?

Asked by josie (30926points) September 22nd, 2015

Tabatha Southey (in a comment about Political Correctness) once said that “sandblasting the brick and putting up track lighting” is a sure way of announcing that one is from the 80’s.

Not “being from” the 80’s I still think I think I get it, and I like the statement. I think it cleverly makes a point.

In the future, what will clever writers say is a way of “announcing” that you are from these times?

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I would identify with now if at anytime one said “reformatting the hard-drive after upgrading to Windows 10”

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Another questioned made me think of your question josie. it’ll be because no one knows how to produce their own food.

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Selfie pouts?

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@ucme God forbid it turns out to be that or Twerking!

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@ucme Duck face and sparrow face! Tee-hee!

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Twerking; someone who’s violently attempting to remove a dried up chunk of shit that’s lodged up their ass.

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A deep seated programmed irrational fear of brown people.

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God forbid it be known as the Kardashean era.

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Pre-Apocalypse Man

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FUCK the Kardashians. I don’t understand why that’s even anything.

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Riffing off of @janbb answer…We will be known as You Maniacs

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Smartphones and fingers that can never leave the screen?

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Being from the era when people had virtual friends instead of real friends. Why experience someone face-to-face, and have true experiences together, when it’s so much easier to engage a keyboard?

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@Love_my_doggie We will then forever be known as the insiders.

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The Virtual Age

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To expand a little on my answer earlier, the selfie pout is truly an icon of our age.
Symbolising the struggle of delusional teen girls all across the globe to grasp even a rudimentary idea of what dignity means XD

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@ucme “Symbolising the struggle of delusional teen girls all across the globe to grasp even a rudimentary idea of what dignity means.”

Today’s teenage girls grew up watching Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, and the Jersey Shore cast become famous, and rake-in piles of money, simply for being. Such people have no talent, but each has something that makes him/her interesting and entertaining. Young girls emulate ridiculous behavior and hope to get their own reality shows on MTV or VH1.

Worthless fame is nothing new. (For reference, research Brenda Frazier, the Debutante of the Year in 1938, and read about her tragic life and 30 suicide attempts.) But, during current times, celebrity status moves at the speed of light.

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@Love_my_doggie You win today’s award for stating the bleeding obvious, congrats.

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