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What equipment and supplies do I need to successfully open a small space to weight train my clients?

Asked by jdibarto (1points) July 22nd, 2008

I’m opening a very small space to train my clients. I’m pretty sure about what I need, but I’d like to hear from people who have done the same. Any advice would be appreciated.

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This site offers some advice.
“Fantastic Fitness, Inc. will supply everything you need to jump start your personal training business and propel it on the way to super success including:

Super heavy duty weight training equipment, including the ultimate squat machine, made in the USA and offered at affordable prices.

Educational materials for individual personal trainers and personal training business entrepreneurs allowing them access to the best weight training program available.

On-site training at Fantastic Fitness, Inc., Boardman, OH to show you exactly how to run a successful personal training business.”

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I’m not a personal trainer, but I have been a client. Depending on your style and what you choose to teach, I would say the starting point in terms of equipment should be a full suite of free weights, mats, benches, and dumbbells. From there, you could add cardio equipment and whatever else to need to compliment your training style.

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