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If one of the national political parties (Dem. or Rep. in the US) decided the very best chance for the survival of the party would be to bring in someone with no previous political experience and they asked you to run for the party, would you run? Why or why not?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) September 22nd, 2015

You’ve been vetted and have 100% to 0 % support of the party if you accept the nomination.

Will you accept the challenge?

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No. The hegemony of the two-party system is one of the major procedural problems with US politics. So if not running meant hastening the collapse of a major party, so much the better.

Also, I’m not old enough to be eligible.

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Run for president?
Making the assumption

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No. I wouldn’t want to be in debt from my campaign. If I had $100 million then I might consider it.

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Sure. I assume they would provide me with adequate resources and advisers on the topics of the day. I would most certainly be a ‘dark horse’ candidate. But, I got nothing to hide and no record to get beat up over. I would probably be a little more tolerable than Mr. Trump I think. The only problem is, I might lose my pension if I ran so the party had best be ready to pony up when I get pasted.

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I would love to run for President. But I have too many skeletons in my closet that I wouldn’t make it. Plus, I am _religiously- against the Evangelical “Christians” because of the way they have corrupted the message of Christianity.

So I would love to be President, but the election would be arduous and most likely fail.

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Sure why not. It might be an interesting diversion for a few months.

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No. I’d not enjoy the scrutiny and getting ripped apart. I’d also not want the campaign schedule which is grueling, no doubt.

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To be able to play golf when ever I wanted, vacation in Hawaii, goof off at Martha’s Vineyard, fly around the world in Air Force One….are you kidding me? Sign me up!

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If the Democrats approached me, I would accept the nomination and run. True, the campaign schedule would be grueling, but it is what it is. Still, getting to visit as many states during the campaign as time allows, what’s not to like?

Now, if I could just decode the “proper” way for a candidate to eat a corn dog . . .

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A female, divorced, single parent atheist? I don’t think so. My campaign slogan would have to be , ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’.

Not interested.

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I would have absolutely no interest in sacrificing my privacy and future anonymity in the interests of saving “a major political party”. I’m already enough of a pawn in this republic (this nominal republic); I’m not going to further degrade my status by campaigning to live in a fishbowl for four years – and lose my anonymity forever afterward – “to save a political party”. It’s a totally absurd notion to anyone who understands the personal issues involved and is NOT already a full-blown narcissist.

However, if presented in a different way, that someone identified me (I’m not so self-absorbed to believe that such a thing could ever happen, but let’s imagine that I’m a person with far greater qualities, abilities and achievements than I do have, in the personality that I now inhabit) as a potential savior “for the nation”, and not just for “the Republicans” or “the Democrats” or even “the Libertarians”, then of course I would consider that. After all, we ask soldiers to give up far more – their very lives, limbs and families – for much less (on an individual basis), so how could I refuse that plea?

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@sahID The proper way to eat a corn dog would all depend on where you are at that moment. Like when you are in NY you should try and fold the corn dog in half when you eat it. If you are here in Chicago you eat your corn dog in 2 bites. If you are eating a corn dog in Manhattan you hold the stick with your thumb, index and middle fingers only while your ring and pinky fingers point to the sky.

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No. Because I’m neither impartial nor tolerant of opinions contrary to my own.

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No. Unlike Donald Trump, I believe someone should be qualified before running for President and I don’t believe I am qualified.

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@janbb If Obama can pull it off…so can you!

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@Cruiser Well, we both have black and white in our background!

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I am sorry @janbb I have had a busy day today and no matter how hard I try the meaning of your comment escapes me.

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@Cruiser He has a white mother rand a black father and I’m a penguin.

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Thanks for the clarification @janbb as I was not certain if your “we” was meant to include me. The only black and white in my life is a battery operated TV I take camping. ;)

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In reality, my body is too sedentary, my lips too loose, my opinions to diverse and my temper far too short for a Presidential run.

But then, my details say I’ve been vetted and have support within the party. I’ll need 2 months with a personal trainer, speech coach, and plastic surgeon. Schedule the oral surgeon, the Lasik doctor and a top podiatrist.
I’ll need a new home-base in a city and transportation. Security.
The party’s not likely to want me when they have to make a $7,000,000 investment just to put me on a level playing field with the other candidates.

Would I step from my current life into a presidential campaign? Flock no. Honey BooBoo vs Ronald Regan. If I have a bigger 15 minutes of fame, everyone has theirs, I hope it’s not as an unknowing rube.

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