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Should the GOP stay out of Whoopi Goldbergs vagina?

Asked by rojo (24159points) September 22nd, 2015

According to this article, they should. What are your thoughts upon whether or not Whoopi should have any say as to who or what goes into or comes out of her vagina?

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eeeewwww… breitbart.. Not clicking that link. Care to summarize?

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Is it or could it be large enough to fit all of them? Maybe more than one would get the job done!

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The thought of any part of Whoopi Goldberg’s body is not a pleasant thought at any time of day.

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You will find the answer to your question by answering this….who is in charge of who or what goes into or comes out of your anus?!

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She has the right to say it—and thank goodness I have the right not to listen.

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She’s protesting too much I think.
The arrogant assumption apparently is that they want to get into her vagina.

I am not a member of the GOP (although I vote that way occasionally on the local level). But speaking for myself, there isn’t enough beer in the world that make we consider it. In fact, the image that creeps into my consciousness while typing this not pleasant.

But I have buddies who are. And I don’t think any of them aspire to get into Whoopie Goldberg’s vagina. Even if they were drunk.

On the other hand, is she sort of saying that Dems are more than welcome into her vagina?

It seems that might drive some people out of the party. That’s risky. One less vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

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I’m confused. What’s the question here? Anti-choice people and those who want to defund PP are up in womens’ vaginas. That’s what we say, right? Is this a question about whether people like to hear Whoopi say it or not? I’m confused.

Republicans are very concerned about controlling vaginas (in general – there are the occasional pro-choice Republicans). Is there some controversy here?

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Everyone should stay out of Whoppie’s va jay jay. Ick.

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I thought the Republicans declared Whoopie Goldberg’s vagina a “no fly zone” years ago…

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@Cruiser “You will find the answer to your question by answering this….who is in charge of who or what goes into or comes out of your anus?!”

Well, the same people who want to tell Whoopi what to do with her vagina seem to think they have authority over our mouths and anuses as well. Perhaps the most extreme case is former Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli, who petitioned to keep Virginia’s anti-sodomy law (which applies to both hetero- and homosexual sex acts) even after the Supreme Court declared all such laws unconstitutional.

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Plain nasty

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Scott Walker had a bill passed in Wisconsin that women MUST get an internal ultrasound and see the fetus they want to abort. Also, de funding PP means many women go without pap smears and early cancer detection. It is not about women’s health. It is about turning the clock back to the 1920’s

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I agree with her. Making abortion illegal isn’t going to stop abortions. Women will be forced to go to back allies to quacks using coat hangers. I know I would have if abortion was still illegal, when I got pregnant while in college.

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I’ve had TWO internal ultra sounds. It was because I needed them and was trying to find a problem or figure out that the baby I wanted was actually growing as he should. I can affirm that it is EXTREMELY intrusive and absolutely invading my vagina. I must say that the first one, to confirm the viability of my pregnancy, (which was very much wanted and was YEARS in the making) took me by surprise because I had NO idea that my medical condition required such a test, but I’m glad the medical profession here knew that my fetus was at risk (I knew I had had miscarriages in the past, but had never had the follow up care my current country of residence provides), so I was so grateful to see the little peanut shaped thing inside me that had a heart that was beating strong and was the right size. AMAZING.

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She’s referring to people invading her vagina against her will. And she didn’t mean it literally.

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Yes, which would be VERY invasive because even when I realised it was for my own good, it was pretty damn invasive. So, being told I was being forced to have one that was of no use to me, that would seriously piss me off. They both took me by surprise. They were BOTH very invasive procedures. In my circumstance, I understood the context based on my own needs, but if a LEGISLATED and MANDATED by MEN….... it would be 200 times worse. Fuck them. Because, they are literally fucking me with that equipment. I am being raped by that law.

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the horrible thing, too, is that the technician is being forced to be the rapist. Pretty sure they don’t want to be a rapist. Sticking something up a woman’s vagina against her will is pretty much something most rational healthcare workers don’t want to do….. so… there is that.

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@cazzie…. She wasn’t referring to invasive procedures that women would have to undergo against their will, except the procedure of child birth. She was upholding the right of a woman to have an abortion.

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Very much the same issue. A woman fronts up and explains the medical issue she needs addressed and suddenly…. shit happens that is legislated that is NOT in her best health care, but is holding on to a horrible section of some guilt ridden bullshit that has nothing to do with choice and everything to do with invasive and domination over a woman’s body.

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She has no argument for autonomy when it is dependent on someone else. In this case, the taxpayers. If she wants people out of her vagina, then she must pay for her own abortions.

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@vertz civilized people don’t hold each other’s autonomy hostage when healthcare is their right. Treating healthcare as a privilege is barbaric.

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And if you want to apply that logic, I don’t want my tax dollars or my insurance company I pay into pay for idiots who crash on their motorcycles or for a man’s little blue pills to get a hard-on or for programs for drug abusers and alcoholics. (not really, I would NEVER make judgements and withhold the rights of people I don’t know, because I want to live in a civilized society.)

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@vertz people do pay for their own abortions, just like they pay for any other medical procedure. If they’re lucky they have insurance. I don’t know how you even managed to come up with that argument.

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@Dutchess_III The GOP has been lying about Planned Parenthood, saying they use taxpayer money to fund abortions. Some people believe things that aren’t true. Strange and illogical, but people are weird.

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Oh, that’s right. They’re selling spare baby parts too. I fergot about that.

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