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System restore from Time Machine, BUT...

Asked by cschack (227points) July 22nd, 2008

OK, my Macbook died on me and I just got it back. Now, I want to restore the system via Time Machine, BUT…all I can find are instructions on how to do it via the Install DVD. Problem is, when I bought my Macbook, I got Leopard on an update DVD (it only came with Tiger preinstalled), so it’s not an Install DVD per se. The Tiger Install doesn’t help either.

I see there’s an option to get the account from the migration tools in the Utilities folder, but that only seems to create a copy account. I would prefer to just restore the whole thing, though. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You can use the upgrade DVD. It’s the same thing, with an other label.

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So: you can wipe the partition with the Tiger install, then install Tiger and then install Leopard and then choose for migrating.

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the fastest way is….get a leopard install dvd, i’m sure you have a friend who has one

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Thanks, guys. klaas4’s suggestion worked after a while (the thing in utilities worked after all), so when it finally got around to deleting the new admin account, all was back in order. But a Leopard install DVD would have been much easier…

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