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Who inspired the "selfie pout"?

Asked by josie (30926points) September 24th, 2015

That sort of iconic gesture of a generation of young women who may or may not be lost forever.
There had to be a first.

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No idea, but I wish they hadn’t.

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A self-centered idiotic female.

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Kim Kardashian?

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Lip pouting seems like a somewhat natural facial expression. When I’m really into a song where I’m dancing and feeling super confident and “alpha” I catch myself slightly pouting them out lol.

Not to mention lip pouting has been used to make the face seem slimmer. So of course with everyone taking pictures now, you’d want to make your face seem slim.

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The earliest duck face I know of is the one perpetrated by Bon Jovi, in early 1984.

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I kinda thought that it was because of all the stupid people putting collagen in their lips to look like sucker fish. Jeesh.

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“The Duck Lip Phenomenon.” Hahaha. I think it’s to give the illusion of cheekbones and full lips.

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@jca it is also a good name for a band.

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Whoever it was should be shot.

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Donald Duck :)

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