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Who is the creepiest stranger you've ever encountered?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) September 24th, 2015

What did they do to put you on edge?

I’ve met my fair share of extremely creepy strangers, in varying ways, so I’m curious about what some of you may have experienced.

(This also put me in mind of the woman on Fluther, a long time ago, who had cakes periodically mailed to her. I wonder what came of that?)

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My ex-brother-in-law gave me the willies. I’m talking about the first time I met him. He was odd. Very intimidating and he said some really inappropriate things to me over time.

I’ve also met men who I really avoided being alone with because they just made me feel very uncomfortable. Examples of behaviours are staring at my breasts, touching me in ways that weren’t quite inappropriate but made me feel very uncomfortable, saying things to me that were out-of-order but because they were in a position of power made it difficult for me to do anything about.

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When I first met my dad I saw him shoot a snot rocket into the street and I ran away.

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I have so many stories, so I don’t know what to share, but I’ll go with a random, short one:

I was at a friend’s apartment one night and we were watching a movie in the living room. The lights were out and the curtains for the sliding glass door that led to the patio were open and the patio light was off. The door was to the left of the TV and slightly back from it. Something caught my attention out of my peripheral vision, and when I looked over, I saw a glowing cigarette cherry, and could also faintly see the outline of a man standing there, not even trying to hide, just staring in at us from the darkness. Trying not to panic and barely moving my lips, I said “Chris! There is a guy watching us outside!”. He got up to confront the person and the guy’s excuse had been “I just wanted to see if I could bum a cigarette”. With a lit one in his hand already?? Turns out he was a neighbor, but one that my friend already didn’t like. And we have no idea how long he had been standing there. Creepy!

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Creepy strangers are the second best reason I love the orange line. I mean, we’re not talking stalker creepy, just out-of-the-ordinary creepy. There’s a lady who I frequently have the displeasure of sharing a train with on the morning work commute who always complains about how women “these days” are so fake. It’s the same story every time I see her. She wears scrubs so I’m guessing she’s a nurse or something.
There’s this one guy who I also usually see sitting down at one particular station who used to call me “faggot” whenever I passed by. It was probably because of my long hair because now he doesn’t say it anymore.

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By the way, those people are not the reason I like that particular subway. It’s the people who ask to play rocks-paper-scissors with me, put on a juggling show, and randomly break out in techno dance that amuse me. And then there’s the guy in the teddy bear costume who plays the keytar…

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I was in a bathroom tile shop, talking to the owner about using marble, when this weird old man walked in. He was very friendly with the owner, and gave him a bunch of business cards the owner had ordered. He then called into the store two little girls, and said they were his daughters. I couldn’t believe this creepy old man had such young children. I asked him a harmless question (I don’t recall what it was), and stepped back, looking shocked, and said “I don’t know you!” I just got an odd vibe, but went on my way.
Months later I saw the guy on TV. He was the guy who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, raped her, and those two happy little girls where their offspring.

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I was flashed once. That was creepy. And back in the 90’s when I rode the bus all the time, guys would wear jeans with holes and show all there junk right out in the open. I never felt threatened so much as grossed out. The scrotal region is not an attractive body part.

In high school we were ditching and hanging at McDonalds and this very dirty, raggedy homeless man came in and was ranting so crazily that I couldn’t stop laughing. I was a bit worried he might snap at me. I lived.

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When I was 10 my family needed to get something fixed. They called a couple of people to come to my house. It seemed that the men took turn to do their job. At one point I was wandering around when one of the men called me. He seemed to be waiting for his turn. There was no one around the room at that time. He asked a bit about my age, school, family… He seemed very friendly and I happily talked to him. Two things I noticed was that he seemed to be closer to me more and more, and that he repeatedly praised that I had a beautiful body. When he was close enough, he suddenly used one hand and touched me in a very… sexual way, and the other on my pant. I was horrified that I jumped up and ran away. I had to stay close to my father until the men went away.

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I’m sad more people aren’t answering, I was hoping to hear some creepy stories.

I have another one, if anyone is interested.

When I was around 18 or 19, me and a group of my female friends all drove to George, Washington for the Warped Tour at the Gorge Amphitheater – which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, as you can see. After a very long and tiring (but fun) day, we piled into the car around 9pm and headed back to Portland. We were driving along the highway, which had no lights, and there was forest on both sides of us. Eventually, a white car was quickly catching up to our car because they were speeding from behind us. We thought nothing of it and the person who was driving our car got into the right lane to let them pass, which they did. Once around us, they stopped speeding and started doing the speed limit. None of us, at that point, thought anything was out of the ordinary.

We were all pretty oblivious because we were talking to each other and having a nice time – until I randomly noticed that we didn’t seem to be going as fast as we should have been. I looked to the front to check the speedometer and noticed that we were only doing about 45, which was ten under. I eyed the car in front of us and wondered out loud why they’d been speeding, only to stop speeding and go under the speed limit once they were in front of another car. Everyone was pretty much like “Yeah, haha, how stupid”. We went back to talking for a few minutes, but then the person in front of us slowed down to 40, then 35, at which point the person driving our car was getting irritated and said “What the hell is this guy doing?”. So we were all, by that point, completely focused on the car – which then proceeded to slow down to 20, 15, 10, and then they just stopped. Right there in the road. We were all pretty freaked out by this point, because if something had been wrong, we knew they would have pulled over.

Finally, from behind us, another car started approaching, and the car in front of us started to drive, very quickly, up to the speed limit – which really freaked us out. We tried, as the other car passed the front car, to stay behind the one that had just approached, but the car in front of us would not let us by and was staying exactly even with our car, so we got too scared to try to switch lanes and we backed off as the other car disappeared ahead of us. Again, they stopped in the road, at which point some of the people I was with started crying, because we had no idea if this person/people were pranking us or if they were genuinely wanting to do something bad. Someone suggested that the driver race around them, but I said not to because I was afraid they were going to try to ram us off the road. Not one of us had cellphone reception, either, and it was genuinely like something straight out of a horror movie.

We finally decided to do a u-turn with the person still just sitting there, and we sped off in the opposite direction. We then pulled over on the side of the road with our lights off, waiting for another car to come by. Finally, we saw a semi coming, pulled out in front of it and made sure there wasn’t enough room between us and the semi for another car to get through. Sure enough, as we reached the spot we’d been, the car was still in the same area, going under the speed limit. When they saw us – and the semi – they sped back up and disappeared.

I will always think back on it wondering if we escaped something horrible or if it was just a group of people playing an extremely mean and affective prank. :-/

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I’ve been flashed and caught men masturbating in their cars more than a few times in my life. haha
I think Craigslist and the internet has removed a lot of flashers from public in the last 20 years or so now. Man, there was the naked guy in the bushes once while hiking that made little whispering sounds and then poked his angry red weener outta the bush at me, so special. lol

There was the kaiser doctor or nurse dude that would stand in the bushes at a park across from the hospital on lunch hour with his white jacket tired around his head flashing women having their lunch. There was the creepy photographer guy that came after me and my friends at our favorite teen age river hang out. Just wanted to take pictures of the little nymphs in their bikinis even though he was about 60. lol
There was the guy that pulled up to me in his car as I was about to step off a curb and was jerking off and just sat there grinning his pervey grin at me. Oh, and the most recent, the monster 7 foot tall sumu wrestling UPS driver that stalked me after hours when he made a delivery to my house a few christmases ago. I’m a perv magnet, clearly, at least I’m getting older now so my sex appeal is fading, thank god. haha

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About a month ago I stopped at the gas station fairly late at night, when I got out of the car another car was pulling up on the opposite side, I assumed they were going to get gas so I waited for them to stop their vehicle so that I could cross and pay in the station. As I got closer to the car I realized that the driver had his window down and was sitting there watching me and then when I was about 4–5ft away he leans back in his seat to show me the hooker frantically sucking his dick….I was so disgusted and pissed that I started flipping out and screaming at him….“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU FUCKING FREAK?!? I have my kid in the car and you’re trying to show me that your getting a blowjob from a truck stop hooker!?! Get the fuck AWAY FROM ME!!!!” I was screaming at him and he tried to tell me to be quiet, lol I just started screaming even louder until he sped off down the street.

I shared my creepiest experience in this question.

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