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I'm looking to replace sugar with honey when cooking; is there a standard measurement conversion?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) November 10th, 2006
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Check Joy of Cooking. In the middle, I recall a measuring replacement of everything.
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I saute in olive oil: chard, beet greens, italian kale, and/or other greens, onions/garlic, until they are all somewhat wilted. You can put a little full cream yogurt on the side and cover generously with the best parmesian cheese (or feta, or greyere), and it is a treat.
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Yes. But don't break your teeth.
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Sorry, didn't switch discussions--this was about something else
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I was wondering about that.
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yes, and I couldn't erase my answet
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er, answer
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Made a little error here and answered other questions without switching to the question. So, please take the recipe and the concern about broken teeth with a grain of salt
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we have always used half cup of honey for a cup of white sugar. You may want to experiment, though, because we usually replace oil with apple sauce which adds some sweetness
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try the moosewood cookbook (or anything by molly katzen.) hippies know all about this stuff. also, keep in mind that you are increasing liquid by adding honey, but that in pastry sugar is *also* counted as liquid.
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While making the no-fail Pumpkin Pie (Moosewood cookbook) I used 1-part sugar instead of honey. It came out great....dunno if that's an answer ;)

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