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How are you going to die?

Asked by rojo (24123points) September 25th, 2015

Taking into account such factors as race, gender, age, personality, lifestyle choices, diet, geographic location etc. what will be the most likely cause of your demise?

As a fairly healthy, active, introverted 60 y.o. white male, who occasionally makes bad decisions with regards to his food and drink, living in central Texas I am going to say either auto accident…. either that or caught in the crossfire.

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Heart attack or colon cancer. Hopefully I will beat nature to it and OD before that day comes.

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Heart attack unless a car wreck gets me first.

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Heart disease. Even though I am active I do have some calcification of my arteries, nothing major, but for some reason this is what I think. I am almost 56 and my scan said that my arterial calcification was normal for a women my age but watching it. I have been a rather self indulgent type over the years, goes with my big personality. lol

I am not worried about cancer, don’t know why, more heart attack, but who knows. I do have an Adrenal tumor that is not cancerous and they usually are not but am getting CT scans every 6 months to keep an eye on it. Gotta die of something, I just hope it’s quick and painless or, if I am facing a miserable and long demise I plan on taking the reins of mortality into my own hands.

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Suffocation by way of pussy, what a way to go!

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The only thing predictable about my death (so far) is that I will die complaining about it.

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Deep vien thrombosis.

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I’ll die when the sun expands to the point that it engulfs Earth.

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So you are just going to stick around?

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True, in that I do have a tenacious adhesion to life.

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When my heart stops beating.

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Spiritually. Oops…wait a minute…that already happened, years ago.

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@sahID But…you could be brain dead and still have a beating heart. haha

I may doe sooner than expected, just about stepped on the second teeny weenie baby rattlesnake here in the last 3 days. Clearly their are lots of little vipers being born right now.
Coiled up the size of a fifty cent peice but with plenty of punch in those little fangs.

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When a plane strikes my house.

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Either in a car/bike/bicycle crash or cancer/heart disease

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Death by pillow.

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I’m going to be stabbed in my study. Not looking forward to it =\

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Probably a huge truck crash.

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I hope it’s not Colonel Mustard, @DominicY.

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Well, I have both hypotropic cardiomyopathy and diabetes. So flip a coin.

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In my sleep, I hope.

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Well…pretty funny actually, after answering here twice here so far, I just was knocked down by one of our half blind renegade donkeys here. I had to go retrieve her way out behind the arena here, about an 1/8th of a mile from the house and she stampeded me, knocked me down over the berm of the arena we are widening onto a bunch of rocks the tractor excavated during the widening work. I am all scraped and banged up. Death by donkey. lol

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probably a heart attack

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Well, I have a plan. It involves getting my kid through university but I need a retirement that requires no money.

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I hope not in a public place, but rather in my sleep while having a nice dream.

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Forgot to mention… My two favorite uncles had fatal heart attacks doing what they loved—one on the dance floor with his wife and one on the golf course with his buddies. I should be so lucky.

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Stroke. But I hope it’s quick. I dread lingering on in pain

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This past week, I learned that colon cancer isn’t likely. I finally had a long-overdue colonoscopy; my father died of colorectal cancer at age 62, so I should have done this years ago. My test results were so good, I get to wait 10 years until repeating.

Because I live in a developed society during the 21st century, I can rule out most harmful bacterial diseases. They’re not even in the public awareness, thanks to antibiotics and sanitation – cholera, diphtheria, typhus, tetanus, Hansen’s disease (leprosy), tuberculosis, and typhoid fever.

Ok, so I’ve checked-off about 10 causes of death. How many hundreds (thousands?) still remain? And, of course, there’s always walking in front of a bus.

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I love that phrase. Tenacious adhesion. Brilliant.

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Outliving one’s usefulness is an awful feeling.

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