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What should we make of Boehner's resignation?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22381points) September 25th, 2015

I mean I’m no fan of the Republican party, but when the rational folks start leaving, does it bode well for the country?

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Democrats can breathe easy as the most likely next speaker is McCarthy and he doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body. And in the last weeks of his tenure Boehner will ensure Planned Parenthood, Amnesty and debt ceiling all get funded before the door hits him in the ass on his way out.

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I don’t know. The fact that he just threw his hands up and left is rather alarming (or should be) to those republicans left who can chew gum and walk simultaneously.

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Hey, everyone gets a wake up call, maybe this is his. haha

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Boehner is likely saying “Glad I don’t need to put up with this shit any more”.

This is good for the democrats, bad for the country. It makes the R party even more dysfunctional than it already was.

The thing is that he let it happen. He needed to crack down in 2010 when he became speaker, and he let himself get walked all over.

Rest in peace.

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Perhaps the Republican leader realized just how far some conservatives will go to try to manipulate data or skewer anything positive for the country.
Tea and crumpets anyone?
Oh, wait, that’s the cue for the big interest lobbies to pick the next person for the office.
What was I thinking?
Mea culpa.

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I read an article that it was his own party, the republicans, that took him down. Can anyone explain how that came about?

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Well his eyes were always blood shot and either he was always on medication for allergies or he stopped drinking when the Pope came. His eyes were clear as a bell that day. I think he was probably most at his senses when the Pope was there and figured it’s time to leave before the job kills him. Yesterday he told the Pope, good luck.
Sounds like that is what he is use to telling himself every day.
Something about the way he said it, reminded me of the way a parent sounds when handing off her monster uncontrollable children to the sitter. Good Luck!

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I think we cannot assume his motives or intent. We can guess, but it’s just guessing. I think he was moved being in the presence of the Pope, which I find understandable and endearing.

Maybe he suffers from depression and easily cries? Maybe he feels so much appreciation for his life and the people he loves and admires he quickly tears up. He isn’t crying from weakness from what I can tell, but from a good place.

I have no idea why he reigned, but I’d it must have been a long time coming. I doubt it was spur of the moment. Do you think? Being in politics in Washington has to be grueling. So many nut jobs with loud voices in congress now. Oy.

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@JLeslie John had planned to retire last year after the midterm elections and when things went so Republican he decided to stay on board and Shepherd the Republican Congress and ride the tide of victory. But John was so intent on being the Speaker and making deals that both side could agree on….he lost sight of how far he alienated the hard core conservatives who ultimately forced him to fall on his sword. This change of events only shows how little to no influence yours and my vote has on making things right in our country.

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I think it’s highly possible that Boehner met the Pope and just called it.
Pope Francis was very authoritarian and narrow minded early in his career and was exiled for a number of years. When he returned to the mainstream, he was the beginnings of the Pope he has become. I can see where Boehner might take inspiration from that.

Alternately, he finally grasped the impossibility of serving both the hard core Republicans and the American public. Likely he let the Tea Party fall on their own butter knife.

Here’s the speech I wish Boehner had made:
“I’m disgusted with the intransigence and partisanship of the current Congress. I resign, and I invite my fellow legislators to follow my lead and usher in a new generation of leaders.”
Talk about gauntlet. There’s nothing for him to lose.

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Treat him and his decision to resign with great respect. I made much fun of him and his name but I must respect what he decided for himself and the party, which is now bowing too much to the backward, unrealistic wishes of the Tea Baggers. If ever one of those nut cases ever gets elected president, then “God” (if he exists) help us all! We’ll need it!

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@Cruiser What a shame. I think reasonable Republican and Democrat congressmen must get so disgusted by the politicians who are extreme about everything!

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The conservatives are going to finally get the Speaker they want, just when you thought that Congress could not get any more dysfunctional.

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@JLeslie When you take into the consideration the jubilation that erupted amongst the the conservative faithful yesterday….IMHO one cannot discount their (over)reaction as a reflection of just how divided not only the Republican party is but we as a nation are these days. Truly….where do we go from here?

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@Cruiser My dad’s solution was to leave the Republican Party and not vote for any Republicans period. He doesn’t want to give the party any reinforcement at all until they get rid of the fanatics. He sees the takeover by the religious right as a really bad situation.

I think the media makes it worse. They keep calling the base of the party the religious right. I try to do the math, and I figure only 50% of Republicans would fit into that religious right category.

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@JLeslie Then who is he going to vote for? Even Bernie Sanders who is an Independent is running as a Democrat and the Democrats have an equal number of bat-shit crazies in their party as the Republicans.

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@Cruiser I don’t know. I haven’t asked him. I do think if the Republicans wound up with a level headed pragmatic candidate he would break his current doctrine and vote for that candidate. My dad still is conservative on some things, so he could probably convince himself the time is now. My guess is he will vote for Hillary in the primaries, but I have guessed wrong about my dad more than once.

I do know my dad is very focused on international politics for the election. I’m guessing the other bs that is being discussed is mostly noise to him. He has definite opinions about education and immigration (fairly liberal) but neither of those topics would be a deal breaker.

I just heard Scott Walker dropped out if the race. He was one of my very scary candidates. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about him anymore.

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@JLeslie Unless you or your husband belong to a Union I do not see why you should fear Walker. Walker did things in WI that our new Gov in Illinois is trying and needs to do to stop the bleeding of jobs to Indiana because of our oppressive taxes and regulations. That said I think Walker’s efforts are best served working for his home state and with his Alfred E Neuman looks he would never stand a chance to win the Presidency. I consider him politically very smart but he can’t get past coming across as a total dork.

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Scott Walker said he is against abortion in all circumstances and he has been told it’s never a choice between the life of the mother or fetus. I can understand why people are pro-life, and even understand the consistency of not allowing for exceptions of rape and incest. However, not having an exception for the life of the mother and that it is never medically the necessary to save the mother? I find that disgusting. A man would choose a fetus over his wife? It shows an incredible lack of knowledge and it is hard for me to understand on the simple level of someone being a spouse and parent. He is a total idiot in my book. Not to mention in my religion when a fetus threatens the life of the mother it is mandatory to choose the mother, so he would want to legislate against the right of a Jewish person to save their wife, and possibly the already mother of other children.

Pro-lifers sometimes seem to forget that some people who need to abort a pregnancy don’t want to have to do it, they wanted the baby.

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@JLeslie That is not entirely true. Walker’s bill allows for all abortions within the first 20 weeks of a pregnancy. 20 weeks is a long time especially when if you were just raped or had sex with your brother or uncle or your health/life is in danger when in those cases you would know in an instant aborting a pregnancy might be a good idea. IMO Walkers legislation proposal is a non-issue when a woman is allowed 5 months to make up their mind whether or not to have a fetus removed from them.

I cannot stress it enough for everyone to do their own research on important issues as the mass media is telling you things only for ratings truth be damned!

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I heard him in the first debate, and what I wrote paraphrases what came out of his mouth. It’s not something I read somewhere or heard some journalist say.

Life and death is not about having 5 months to decide whether you want to abort. I’ll try to find a clip from the debate, I assume one exists online.

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@JLeslie Depending on how you look at it….that is the unfortunate or fortunate aspect of debates as you have very limited time to get your point across and have it wholly encompass your exact thoughts.

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As an aside, I suspected I was pregnant in the 3rd week. 20 weeks IS a long time, and I’m all for certain limits on abortion.

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I’m for some limits on abortion too.

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I guess Walker emphasized abortion is never necessary when speaking to Sean Hannity too. I just read it here The article talks about ectopic pregnancy, but there are other situations also where a pregnancy starts off normal and a scary situation develops, or the woman develops cancer while pregnant, all sorts of scenarios, although it is fairly rare the life of the mother is in such extreme peril.

I tried to find a full clip of what Walker says, but my phone isn’t loading the video. It’s my connection here in my house I’m sure. For some reason even my wifi just has one sit right now.

Remember that nun a few years ago who was excommunicated for helping a woman, who already had other children, get an abortion when her pregnancy put her in danger?

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Boehner’s resignation, anyone?

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A thread’s like the wayward wind. Those old enough to remember the song and its lyrics : O the wayward wind is a restless wind. A restless wind that’s born to wander”

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“Boehners Resignation” an Indie punk band.

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“Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.” Need I say more?

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