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Does anyone know what happened to the old Johnson and Johnson brand First Aid Cream?

Asked by msh (4262points) September 25th, 2015 from iPhone

This stuff has been around since the Arc.
It works really, really well.
It comes in a white tube with blue and red writing.
I have looked in stores and online for a glimmer of hope.
Johnson and Johnson brand.
Any ideas?

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Thank you!
I saw this and hadn’t heard of AmbixLabs. Have you? Same presentation on tube.
I know J&J had patents on their stuff- but maybe this was made for them by these people.
It was great stuff.
:/ I wish they still made it.
I appreciate your help.

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My ex mother in law sends me it. I’m sure it is still available.

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J & J sold the formula to AmbixLabs.

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Thank you all.
I greatly appreciate the help.
It’s wonderful stuff!

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