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Why won't my external hard drive show up on my desktop?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) July 22nd, 2008

I am running OSX10.4 on a macbook and using Fantom Drives’ TItanium II – Firewire drive. It won’t show up on my desktop when I plug it in, which is a problem because my hard disk is full and I need to transfer some stuff off of my computer ASAP.

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Open ~/Applications/Utilities/Disk

Does it appear in the left-hand sidebar when plugged in?

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If not, the drive could be failing or failed. If it does show up in Disk Utility, run “Repair Disk.” If you have DiskWarrior, run that too.

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Open up a Finder window. Do you see it listed on the left?

There’s a Finder pref whereby you can tell it not to show external drives on your desktop. Perhaps that’s enabled?

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I think it might be a cable problem, so for now I’m using my father’s external (USB), and when I get a new firewire cable I will transfer everything over.

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Does the drive mount on other machines?
Do other removable devices mount on the MacBook?
Can you try a different cable?

Try those to isolate the issue. It could be any of the 3 components that’s at fault.

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guys…it could be a preference thing, just go to the finder preferences of the finder, and make sure that “external devices” is checked under “show these items on the desktop”

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That too.

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@iwamoto: It would still appear in Disk Utility.

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true, but i hadn’t seen his answer, my bad

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Im having the same problem tried different cables, tried desk utility (doesnt show up there either) also my other lace drive shows up without problems???????I dont get it what else is there to try? also the mount symbol is grayed out!

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