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Are you a perfectionist?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) September 26th, 2015

As long as I have been a Jelly I have to say I have never ever had so little time to edit my answers AND questions than now. I am not a perfectionist nor do I covet the perfecto-fish award. The fact that I have earned it 172….173…174 times now is trivial to me at best but when I just tried to edit or “perfect” my answer just once in under 3 minutes I was denied that opportunity!

I don’t know if this is an intentional change here in Jellyland or a glitch but Fluther is now littered with choppy, bad grammar, unfinished thoughts answers AND questions that I am positive many Jellies besides me wish they had a second chance to edit that was a wee bit more allowing than a few minutes like it is now!

Grab your pitch forks torches and wake up @SmashTheState and lets go occupy the doorstep of the mods until we can get a few more minutes to correct our answers and questions in the tide pool!

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I’ve had the same experience as you but it’s very sporadic.

It’s not just that the time is shorter but sometimes, for me, there is literally no time at all.

I generally re-read my Qs after posting them because it’s easier than trying to do it in the tiny little box when I’m on my iPhone (which is 99% of the time). So, there have been a few times when I’ve just posted a short answer and immediately noticed a typo. When I try to edit, I get that lovely little announcement telling me that time has expired.

As I said it’s rather sporadic and not the majority of the time, but really annoying nonetheless. I just assumed it was a glitch of unknown reason or origin.

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Has the time allowed to edit changed? I hadn’t noticed. Since no changes are being made to the site, perhaps this is a glitch.

Sadly I can’t blame Fluther’s time limits for any of my errors. I’m just slack and often multitasking.

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I have noted that sometimes when I try to edit within the 10 minute timeframe I cannot; it just pretends I want to answer a question again. Not always, but enough for me to notice.

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Yup. It’s totally random. Sometimes there’s the normal edit time and then sporadically none left.

There’s absolutely no predictability to it at all.

If it were more frequent, I’d complain more. But as long as the no time left doesn’t occur more frequently I guess I’ve learned to live with it. Not like it but live with it :)

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@Earthbound_Misfit I took an extended leave of absence here and only recently came back a few weeks ago and what I can say is I have experienced MANY times where in less than 5 minutes I am not allowed to edit my answer OR question.

I mean for a site that mods your answer or question if it does not meet their writing standards, one would think they would allow you more time to edit your question?!

‘c;mon….all together now….MORE TIME…..MORE TIME…..MORE TIME…..MORE TIME!!

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The settings haven’t changed, but for some reason the server is lousy at keeping time. Like @Earthbound_Misfit said, it just seems to randomly time-stamp posts, which means that it can sometimes assert that you posted 11 minutes ago, even if it was really only 3 minutes ago.

We’ve had this problem for quite awhile now. I seem to remember talljasperman saying once that he found that he could get around this by repeatedly refreshing. At some point, the server may generate a time-stamp that’s closer to the real time, and suddenly it will let you edit.

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Happened to me once too. I didn’t say nothing because I thought it was a one time glitch. Guess not.

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Hahaha…this has happened to me several times in the last day or so. I thought the limit was 10 minutes, maybe not, maybe I am just making that up.
I am not overly perfectionistic but certain mistakes annoy me and I feel compelled to correct them yes.

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I am perfect. I think that counts.

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Phorcheknatelee fore me, i kneva maik missthakess

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Thanks for that explanation. At least there’s a semi-logical answer.

I’m assuming that the repeated refresh thing would only work if on computer rather than mobile, is that correct ?

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Why the necessity for time limits at all?

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@stanleybmanly Having a time limit preserves the coherence of threads. It keeps users from going back and altering their previous posts based on how the thread has developed in the interim. That could make any successive comments that referred to the altered one nonsensical. It would be like having a time machine so you could go back and change history; sounds like a good thing, but it would screw around with the actual history of the way a thread has developed.

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At an informational forum the owners occasionally ran into a disgruntled member who would start erasing all their posts before quitting the site. That really messed up the threads when that would happen. They wised up and after a period of time the posts are now permanent.

You cannot edit your posts in this forum
You cannot delete your posts in this forum

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@Buttonstc “I’m assuming that the repeated refresh thing would only work if on computer rather than mobile, is that correct ?”

It works for mobiles, too. You can go to the adress bar and highlight it, then press “Enter”.

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FWIW…I just asked a question and did not even have a freaking minute to fix a lousy typo. sheesh! BS

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@ucme U done gawn phuq erd ap boa, yeez spailed ’‘me’’ teh raite. XD

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Just happened to me too. Very annoying!

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Twice today I have been denied a chance to edit my answers within literally seconds of posting. Puts perfectionists like me in a frustrating place. Please get rid of the Perfectionist award and just restore the 10 F’n minutes we are supposed to have to edit. This place is heading full stream towards the bridge that has been out for a long long time with apparently no brakes to stop it.

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@Cruiser Well, you can re-channel your frustration by picking up specks of lint off the carpet and double wiping the keyboard. lol

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@Coloma Many years ago that would have gotten me a gram or more of Red Bud;)

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I haven’t tried it yet but when the time comes I will… @thorninmud posted this hack in another thread….

This is a problem with the servers that host Fluther, not with Fluther itself. I (and other users) have found that you can often refresh the page—multiple times if necessary—until the edit link reappears.

thorninmud (19152points )

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488 Perfecto Fish here. 6:1 ratio. I never have enough time. My work is never done.

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@thorninmud It worked! At least last night it did the one time I tried it.

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