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How can I get a ferret for cheap?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) July 22nd, 2008

My girlfriend just moved to the city for college and wants a pet entertain her. Now shes got her eyes set on a ferret, which are about $180, plus an extra $100—$120 for a cage. Is there like a discount feret emporium I can find or something?

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Craigslist or eBay? I could think of more entertaining animals, myself. (Go to local animal shelter and look into the eyes of the cats and dogs there who are looking for love and willing to be extremely amusing.)

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Check out a ferret rescue organization in your area. People (in tremendous numbers) get tired of their pets, get tired of the smell, get tired of being bitten, don’t want to deal with the tumors, or just don’t know how to care for them and then dump them on shelters and rescue organizations.

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Aren’t ferrets pretty attention demanding? Perhaps not the best pet if you don’t have an abundance of time.

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God, who’d want such a horrible animal?
Okay, they’re beautiful – so watch them on the Discovery Channel.
A loose ferret killed all my chickens one time. I don’t like
ferrets. They’ll kill all the chickens in the flock before they
even begin to eat one. They’re insane.
Get your girlfriend a couple of nice kittens.

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College is not the place to have any animal that requires any amount of attention and/or affection. You don’t want to have to go home from a party to feed your cat, or not be able to take the weekend trip because you have no one to watch your dog. Try fish, or maybe a hamster or rat. Small rodents are funny and affectionate pets, and they don’t require too much from you either than food, water, and a clean cage.

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I must follow up after reading tinyfaery’s post. It’s true. When you’re as busy as people tend to be in college, it’s
better to wait on the pets. Plus, and I mean this in the harshest possible way, anyone who’d want a ferret is a
person I wouldn’t trust a cat with.

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Well I consider myself adventurous with my animals. And I did for get to mention some very important things, that quite frankly I didn’t think i needed to say. I didn’t realize this would turn into a debate of this magnitude.

1. I’ve had 2 ferrets for many years that sadly are no longer with us. I know how to raise them and take care of them very well. I am more than willing to assist my girlfriend in taking care of hers.

2. She is technically going to a vet tech college. This already means she has an undying love for animals as it is, and she takes care of all of her pets very well. Her work load is not as strenuous as mine will be.

Trust me when I say that as a previous ferret owner I would not be advising her to take on this kind of responsibility if I didn’t know she was capable of handling it.

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I got my boy for $110 at Petco in Chambersburg and my girl was given a discount since my other ferret died. AND that day they had a sale. She was around $75, also at Petco in Chambersburg. Then, my first ferret who died of old age almost a year ago was bought at some pet store in York. I don’t know her price, my mother and father ad Step-father got her for me for Christmas that year.

If you go to petfinder and search for ferrets and you find one you want, if the people gave out their Phone number, Email, Address, you can call them or write them. I sent an Email to one and they said he was $80. Sometimes they tell you the price i the description about the animal.

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