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What's the weirdest dream you've had?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) September 27th, 2015

Says it all in the title, what is the weirdest – or one of the weirdest – dreams you’ve ever had?

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I have had weird dreams alright, not all I can remember, but there was one I remember part of. I was riding in a Mercedes-Benz with three other guys I had no idea who they were. This car pulls up on the driver’s side as we are traveling down the road and open fire on the Benz with automatic weapons. We start looking at each other in amazement because the Benz was bullet proof, glass, doors, everything. After they stopped shooting for some reason someone said, ”Let’s teach these fools”. We whipped out our own automatic weapons and blew the brains out of the Benz (opened the sunroof) and open fired on them. We turned their car into Swiss cheese and it veered off the road and crashed I guess.

Another strange dream I was in a back yard and there was some demon possessing the clothesline or the area near it, and everyone was scared to go back there. I had to go back there and rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus and make it go away.

One of the strangest dreams I can remember was so real it was like it wasn’t a dream. I was in this barge-like craft with this angel who was like 10 feet tall. We were traveling through the some area that was dark, but in the distance it appeared there were dark clouds with a green light trying to break through. We approached a sliver of light, and as we changed position it was like a portal to hell, but it was like the Phantom Zone in the Superman movie where Zod and his imps escaped from. Another barge approached it and it was filled with wailing and screaming naked people. There were two angels 15–18 feet tall at the front and the back. The one in front positioned the barge at the mouth of hell and opened the gate to the barge while the one in back started tipping it, and people started pouring out of the barge into hell, screaming and wailing. The angel I was with said nothing he just pointed to the barge the other two had as we approached. After the barge was half empty with people, I woke up.

Others that were weird are too NSFW maybe.

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I dreamt that I went to visit my husband cousin in her new home and it was a palace. Multiple rooms with very bright walls that were lined with gold. In the center of the home was a statue of some sort goddess with multiple arms. I felt I knew this statue in my dream. I had wondered from room to room looking for his cousin. The next thing I know is we are on the grounds riding an elephant away from the beautiful grounds. I was disappointed to leave so quickly but his cousin said not to worry because it was mine. In the dream, I did not feel it was mine and yet at the same time it felt so very familiar. Especially that Goddess. And it bugged me that I did not know who it was.

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I don’t know. My dreams are remarkably weird. When the technology is developed that allows us to record our dreams, I will be able to sell them at ridiculous prices.

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The dream that qualifies as my weirdest ever I will summarize because the dream itself felt like a long-ish novella. In this dream deceit loomed large, and my own tendency toward gullibility really was exposed as well.

In this dream, a local Vocational Rehabilitation had decided that they would help me go on and finish a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology at a university in another part of the state. In order to save a bunch of money on housing, they had found “a really lovely landlady with a basement apartment” who would deeply discount the rent if I would agree to tend her stoker-fed coal furnace.

The dream itself took place one night in the middle of the coldest winter ever recorded in that part of the state. At night the apartment got cold enough that food left out on the counter would freeze solid during the night. I survived by burrowing in under a beautiful quilt and three electric blankets. The warmth radiating out from the bed attracted other critters, including ten over sized rats, two of whom burrowed under the covers & used my arm for a pillow.

The dream ended abruptly (as in one second I was in the midst of this super lucid dream, the next I was wide awake) when a nasty, vile taste erupted in my mouth in the dream. Oddly, that taste stayed with me even while wide awake, and even today, over 21 years later, merely thinking about that dream’s ending raises a mild feeling of nausea.

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@sahID That’s wacked. I got nothing to compare to that. I bow to your craziness.

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I dreamed that I blew my nose and a scorpion came out. Pretty bizarre, I have no clue what sort of stimuli might have brought that out in my subconscious. Maybe I watched a bug documentary or something. haha

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