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If there's a huge disaster to all human beings right now, which choice below would you see yourself taking?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) September 28th, 2015

A. Find someone, start a team, lead the members together to fight and survive.
B. Follow a leader, work hard to contribute more to achieve team goal and make the whole team including yourself a better chance to survive.
C. Stay alone, take control of your own fate, and deal with the difficulties you meet.
D. Find a group, in which every member is basically equal, every one can express and every opinion would be considered.
E. No plans, let it happen and see what would come.
F. Other ways(you can type it down maybe)

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F start looting.~ most likely E.

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We’re all going to die soon anyway regardless.

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Absent that, C.

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F. there are just far too many variables in the consequences of disasters and particularly in the quality of the talent left behind. There’s no point in predicting my own behavior. I do know not to make the mistake of confusing charisma with character or for that matter, leadership.

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I think a group is likely to evolve, so it may start off with a leader and then evolve into something more democratic, or it may start off with everyone being equal, and then a leader may emerge. I see myself trying to hook up with a group or sticking together with friends and family, trying to survive. I think it would be easier with a group than to go it alone, especially with a child in tow. It would be hard to try to acquire food or something that required leaving the child alone.

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I’d grab my firearms and rounds and pair up with my bro and his clan. Between us we have more than enough firepower to handle most anything.

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First things first I lock and load….make sure immediate family members are safe, sheltered armed and ready to bug out. I grab the 1st aid back pack and head out to assess the situation and do a triage assessment if need be and separate the gonners from the hopefuls and walking wounded. Once that is tended to head out to ground zero and see what resources may be needed to assist and ensure the rescue of and one who can be saved. Depending on the time of the day I would also be focused on rallying people to find shelter and prioritize the wounded and children that need the most resources. Then take inventory of any all available resources,,,,foor, water, blankets shelter. A huge disaster is a minute by minute hour by hour process that will make or break the survival and calming of the mental state of many who have yet to process this Huge disaster that just erupted in their lives.

Then depending on how organized or disorganized the response to the huge disaster is will dictate how long I hang out before my family and I bug out to more secure climes.

Never discount the ability to be prepared and able to survive if and when. Your medicines, ammo and cash will serve you well if TEOTWAWKI arrives. A water filter, fire starter flint, 22 rifle, fishing line and tackle, 10×10 tarp reflector mirror is minimum…you have to be mobile and able to carry what you need on foot so don;t over do it. MRE’s dehydrated food and lots of water is crucial. Flash lights and a solar charger if you feel the need to try and be on your cell phone.

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C. I’m heading as far away from people as possible. I’m not dealing with feral humans.

Could do D with the right people.

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E. Let it happen. Being an innovative, creative and adaptable type, I’d figure something out at the last minute, I always do. haha

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As much as I would like to answer D, how often does that happen?

Option B. Working with a group can be painful at times and takes longer to come to a consensus, but more often than not, pooled resources works out better in the end. I’m pretty decent at following instructions as long as I understand the purpose.

If need be, I could step into the role of Option A. Strategy doesn’t come naturally to me. I’ve witnessed it enough times in the work environment to understand what success looks like and how to create it. It’s just a matter of tapping into the talents of the rest of the group and a fair amount of inspiration and recognition. Survival is the reward.

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B or C depending on the other folks around. Not a leader (not much of a follower either) but will take care of myself and my own.

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F Pray, and pray I find a group which will work for me with my personal dynamics.

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F.My husbands family is huge. I would get my mom and try to find a way to get my kids and my son in law and his family and we all unite in VA Beach and create our own little community. Or, grab my kids, my mom and sister and brother and his daughter and grandkids and steal a yacht and make off for some little island away from most of civilization.

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I do C now. There are a few in the neighborhood I might contact but it would be very cautious and I would never get too involved with a group.

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For those of you opting for C…really? Stay alone, take control of your own fate, and deal with the difficulties you meet. I’m fairly introverted, but I know my weaknesses. I’d rather put up with a bossy personality and a group of others that have specific skills different than mine in an attempt to survive than go it alone.

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F. If a huge disaster strikes, and I survive?
What happens if it’s a terrorist group who moves across the now forgotten borders?
What if you take RX to stay alive?
Nuclear Winter?
Seismic activity as a constant?
A race to gather all the other weaponry?
People’s true nature comes out when desperate…who wants to be on a real-life survival show forever? Ick.
Diseases from just about anywhere, anything.
The “Hey- our religion is the only….” So germ warfair is collected from school, lads, medical facilities-and is released to kill the non, alternative, opposite, (fill in blank) believers. Infidels!
Teeth rot, dysentery, fatigue, end of food supply and weaponry, warfare after the fact, greed,
Wildfires and other disasters set by nature/ really stupid humans.
Those who step forward to take command- and you think politics and the military sucks now?
Fighting for fuel, weapons, and ” I don’t like the way you looked at me ” work so well now, hey- make all that more desperate! Yea!
Some abusing others physically, mentally.- Remember- WWII rape camps were A-OK with some governments – for the abuse of their own people. It’s still happening right now.
Watch people with $ go inside their mountain-cities. Kicking away/ killing anyone ‘not on the list’. Underground cities of not-so-good people. (Wealthy Republicans?) Keep ‘em!
Fanaticism on any level or belief.
And abject selfish stupidity running rampant with a free pass for fun.
I have dealt with horrendousness. I have experienced extreme human cruelty. I know what many are capable of doing to others. It’s not nice to confront- nor recover from.
I’ll enjoy myself doing whatever. Read a book. Eat a great meal- share it with pets. Stare up at the sky at night.
Talk to God et al., look at pictures of my loved ones now gone, snarf choolate with abandon, take a bubble bath. Mess around playing with pets. Have a drink.
Pour accelerants everywhere around house & property. Take a sleeping aid, after knock out pills for pets.
Light a match. (Why shouldn’t I get to relax and ‘be stupid’ as I am going out also? )
Then go to bed never to wake again.
That would be my plans.
Those are my plans.

While working in Dayton, O-hi. Wright-Patt Air Force Base was/is in top 10 sites to be hit in a fast nuclear war ( Think War Games computer scenarios )
On 9/11, a friend and I sat out in the street, rural- no cars, beverages in hand, not excessive in imbibing – exhausting day.
The Presidential plane on an alternate route back to Wash DC, and the plane with Saudi Royal family members went over, awhile apart. Way high in the sky. Then, an oddly-shaped military jet from the Base flew overhead-kinda low, went past a bit- and we both watched it slow, then climb upwards- not tilted- flat out horizontally and suddenly, it totally disappeared. Gone. It did not continue up into clouds, sky- nothing. It was gone. Invisible. In 2001. I was gobsmacked.
My friend and I just kept staring at where it vanished- with the inevitable: ” uhm, did you just see that?”, “yep”, “do you believe what just happened?” ( still staring at the exact spot- not looking at each other…) ” I’m afraid to say yes…” , ” me too…”
Wow. What a jolt. Stunning.
We both decided if there was a giant flash- we were running towards it. Fast.
There may be total annihilation coming on-
If so-I hope to finish the book, eat quickly, bath in chocolate- then nighty-night. :)
Gives ‘run to the light’ a whole new meaning!!!!!

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C YES, I can take care of myself, I’m not good at taking care of others

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C for as long as possible – at least until I could see how a new civilization was shaping up. People would be crazy in an environment like this; I’d rather interact with as few as I could. I’m a better leader than a follower, but would not want to make myself a target, which I think is inevitable in such a scenario.

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C and E are pretty similar.

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By E I meant more like it’s hard for you to imagine or choose and maybe you don’t want to make any assumption about which one you would prefer. More like “I don’t know what I would do then right now, but I’m pretty sure if it really happens, I’ll figure something.”

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@wsxwh111 Okay, then I’ll stick with “E”. haha

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@wsxwh111 E is the WORST possible choice. When disaster strikes store shelves will be empty in less than 24 hours and possible fights breaking out for remaining few necessities. Most people have less than a few weeks food stuffs if that and then factor in OTC meds or prescription meds many need to function or survive. Waiting to the last minute on crucial items will make you dependent on the haves who then choose and decide what you get or again you will have to fight for your fair share. You need to be prepared for injuries and to give first aid to yourself and or loved ones. You can’t learn and prepare for this when the hurricane is 100 miles off shore or a tornado is in the process of ripping the roof off your home. Gasoline, Cash, guns and ammo and a bug out bag for each member of the house should be within arms reach. If you have pets have one for them if you plan on providing for them or a sharp knife in case you get really really hungry.

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@Cruiser Well..I’m factoring in that we are on a 10 acre ranchette property, have a giant walk in pantry filled to the brim with all sorts of foods, beans, rice, split peas, canned goods, home canned fruits, crackers and pasta and chips and coffee and tea galore, and 2 freezers and 2 fridges full of food, in the house and garage.
Also 8 hens a laying, tons of animal feeds, we could eat cracked corn made into a hot cereal if we had to, and, we have weapons too. haha
Just don’t even think about eating my goose, he’ll be house goose to keep away roving , would be goose killers. haha
We could eat the chickens but it would be more practical to just eat their eggs.

Our neighbors have about a dozen cows, I’m sure they’d share their beef for some of our canned peaches. We could eat the horses and donkeys but only if we were truly desperate.
Seriously though, if things were that bad, nobody would survive for more than a few weeks or months anyway. I’d hope to die before we got down to nothing but Lime Jello. lol

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@Coloma With what you have on your 10 acre ranchette I would expect you to have some Mormon blood in your lineage and expect you will be just fine! ;)

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Coloma- OMGosh! Have you seen the movie : Friendly Persuasion? Gregory Peck and Dorothy McGuire star in the story of Quakers dealing with the repercussions of the Civil War. It used to be a ‘required reading’ for HS students.
The reason I thought of it with your post is because of what happens when soldiers try to take her pet goose. Quakers are non-violent. It’s great!
Its a sweet little film. You’d get a kick out of it. :)

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@Cruiser Haha….not a drop of Mormon blood and Marwyn hates Jehovahs Witnesses. The witness protection goose. lol
@msh I’ll look that old movie up, rainy day fare.

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