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What about Jelly awards given to jellies through a voting procedure?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) September 29th, 2015

The friendliest jellly,
the most helpful,
the best asker,
the most interesting,
the most humorous,
the most fun…...

The list is endless. Would thay brighten up the place a bit?

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You can call it the second lieutenant award.

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Maybe, maybe not. Inevitably, someone’s bound to bring up the popularity contest issue. And as we all know, no more changes being made to this site, anyway.

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Some Jellies – very popular. Other Jellies, no matter what, not popular.

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No more changes.? None whatsoever due to financial constraints? @Symbeline

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For a while the question of the day was being selected. It was done by the site manager.

I’m not so sure I really want a vote for the things you suggest. I check my awards maybe once a year! I have no idea what I have or what half of them mean.

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No. I think they’d just cause irritation and possibly even resentment. While people shouldn’t take such things seriously, they do and as @Symbeline and @jca have said, it will turn into a popularity contest.

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Hahaha, a further exercise in pointless arse licking, some pricks would fucking love it.

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We’d have to lay in a good supply of Butthurt Cream

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Why would anyone get butthurt? Wait,’s Fluther.

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@ZEPHYRA Due to Andrew and Ben no longer supporting the site besides paying rent and fixing server issues.

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Beware of popularity contests!

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