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What makes a great Fluther question?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) July 22nd, 2008

In your opinion, what makes for a great Fluther question? My favorites are the ones that ask for a person’s opinion or ask a person to share their experience.

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a great fluther question is one that you’d never think of, but you think about such things yourself as well. somebody else just happened to ask before you did.

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I think it’s one that doesn’t have one “right” answer. The question shouldn’t just be a “poll”, but should invite people to give you diverse answers based on their experience. Something you can’t just Google.

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You’ll find some ideas in the fluther gudielines. I agree with you. I like the questions that encourage conversation. Sometimes I learn something new from them, and sometimes I simply have fun. I agree with mark. a question doesn’t have to have only one ‘right ” answer to be a good one.

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I agree. Ones that ask opinions or about experiences. Just about everything else is Googleable.

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Sweet holy moly, a great Fluther question is one that forces you to think beyond what you would. To tease the brain and stretch the mind. A good question will take you from the probable to the fantastic and do so in a logical way. Like challenging you to think about time travel, how would you generate enough power to take the whole universe back in time with you? If you took just the Earth and the Moon or this solar system how would the present universe stay in balance without it? Or if vampires were real and succeeded in fanging all the humans what would they do for blood? Resort to vampire cannibalism, if that were even possible? A great question to me stretches the mind and make you think beyond what you really know or hit you with a thought that was always marveled about. “Was a box of chocolate and 24 long stem roses the best gift for a one year anniversary?” Don’t quite measure up to me.

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