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Have you taken a cruise alone? Would you?

Asked by JLeslie (59783points) September 30th, 2015 from iPhone

I’m thinking about it. I could ask a girlfriend to go as another option. It would be cheaper with a girlfriend, because the ships do everything based on double occupancy.

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I would.
I’d ask the friend, optionally.
I don’t have the monetary resources you do.

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I don’t think I would. I think I would want the autonomy of being on land if I were solo. I’d want to be able to drive around and explore some stuff. I do hear from people that love cruises that cruising is very relaxing, however. I don’t know if I’d want to go alone. I eat in restaurants alone, go to movies alone, it’s not that I object to being alone. I just don’t know if I’d want to be on a cruise alone.

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I don’t think so. I’ve never been on a cruise, so I don’t know what they’re like, but I’d be concerned about being confined on a ship with people I don’t want to be with. It’s not like you can make an excuse and go home. I think I’m being over-cautious, but I’ve read stories about things that have happened to women on cruises and I’d want to be with someone who would notice if I went missing!

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I do things alone all the time too, and I like cruises, I’m just not sure if I want to do it alone, but at the same time I’m getting old (LOL) and I’m less into sharing a small room with anyone besides my husband. With my sister I would be fine, but I’m not sure with a girlfriend right now. I’m feeling some peace and quiet and no obligation to talk while in my room sounds appealing.

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Are there no cruise companies that cater particularly for singles? You know like you can go on tours with other single people. I’d want my own room. That’s for certain. Even if I get on well with someone I want my own space at times.

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@Earthbound_Misfit A cruise that catered to singles would be a pick-up atmosphere; I’m not looking for that. I would enjoy meeting people at dinner, it wouldn’t matter to me if they were in couples or not.

I like cruises because they are mindless. You barely have to think about a thing. If just do a 4 day to Cancun probably. Something simple. The port is just 45 minutes from me and last minute cruises are around $350 per person based on double occupancy. I’m not sure if a single is double, or maybe it’s a little less than double, since less food is being consumed by just one person? I don’t know.

I have wanted to cruise the Panama Canal, but I can’t see doing a 10 or 14 day cruise right now. I would have to drive 4 hours to catch that cruise, so it’s not just a simple last minute jaunt.

I’m moving to Ohio, which is not on the coast, and it has harsh winters, and I feel like while still in FL take advantage of what is offered being near so many ports.

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I don’t think there would be a ‘whole’ liner full of singles but are there any companies that acknowledge singles and accommodate their needs. I’ve thought about going on a cruise, but the sort of holiday you described fills me with horror. I’d want to be stopping regularly to go and do things. I’ve thought about doing one of those trips along European rivers. So you travel at night and then explore cities by day. I’ve always fancied an Alaskan cruise too, but I’m concerned about what you do once you’ve seen a few glaciers!

If you like them, and you’ve obviously got experience so you know what to expect, go for it! If you feel awkward I’d imagine you could spend some time in your cabin. What do people do to occupy themselves during the day? Got to go now, but I’ll check back later. Interesting question anyway @JLeslie.

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I wouldn’t feel awkward.

The Alaskan cruise I took a few years ago was a favorite vacation of mine. We went horseback riding in one town. Took a train ride up and around some mountains in another. We went whale watching at another stop. We went into Glacier Bay on another day, and a Park Ranger and someone from the local Indian tribe, boarded the ship for the day and gave information about the area and changes that have happened over the years. Loved it.

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I took a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska last year, with my wife. While on the ship, we met several people who were traveling alone. They had to pay twice the cost, but they felt it was worth it. You can often find substantially reduced prices that would make it easier.

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I’ve never been on a cruise. If the logistics weren’t so difficult I’d have no trouble doing it single. I imagine the conversations would be totally different.

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I hate vacationing with people. If I am paying a bunch of money I want to do whatever the fuck I want and not deal with other peoples plans. Sure we are in Paris and you want to spend 50 bucks on a fancy meal and I want to eat at McDonalds (this actually happened to me and turned into a big fight).

Now I prefer to travel alone. People are a massive pain in the ass.

Not only would I go on a cruise by myself but that is probably the only way I would go on one.

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There are single cruisers but they do pay a surcharge since rooms are priced up as a double but you can be as alone or as involved as you want. We have taken excursions with single folks, gone to dinner and shows with them.
Many singles do bunk up with a friend though because of the cost. We met two ladies from Texas on a cruise who pretty much did their own thing; If they both wanted to do the same thing that day then they did but otherwise they went their own way and met in the evenings for dinner; we were all at a table for eight. We usually request dining at a group table as a way to meet new folks and have never had an unpleasant experience doing so.

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Just do it, @JLeslie.
Take advantage of the proximity before it’s gone.
4 hours to the Canal can still be last minute, compared to Ohio.

Sometimes there nothing more luxurious that sleepin single in a double bed. ;-)

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I don’t understand the appeal of cruises. It would be like being locked in a huge hotel complex with no where to avoid people. When I travel I need museums and famous orchestras, architecture local eateries and grocery stores to explore , sandy secluded beaches…..nope. I’m not a cruise type of person.

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I’d do it, but I would take a mountain of books in case I don’t feel like socializing. I spent four days in Costa Rica on my own, and I loved having to only take my own wishes into account for a while. I wouldn’t enjoy this kind of holiday for longer than a few days, but it was very relaxing.

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I travel alone most of the time now although it is usually to spend time with friends or family. I’ve never taken a cruise and am not drawn to them but if I had done them, I think it could be a comfortable thing to do. If you are seated at a table with other people for meals, you will meet some others and you would still have your own space in your cabin.

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@cazzie I like all of that too. Just living here in the Tampa Bay Area I am a member of the Dali Museum (incredible collection) we just went to a wonderful car museum that specifically has automobiles that were the first of their kind for technological advances over history. We took a tour of Florida Southern College that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The symphony is better here than I would have thought.

Every city I go to, or live in, I explore the museums, investigate the performing options, I love all of that.

Cruises are more of a total mental break, especially if you are cruising with your SO, friends or family. No stress about deciding where to eat. No fighting trying to find the restaurant. Entertainment at night that usually is pretty good at least some of the nights. A little dancing at night if you want, and usually even some sort of dance class during the day on day.

I like being on the water, gentle breeze, blue all around.

Some cruises I only would want to do for a few days, because sometimes all the stops start to look the same. The Caribbean is like that. But, if there is something interesting in a few ports then the days move sling quickly.

I like the social part too. Meet some new people, have an interesting conversation. The Alaskan cruise I went on was extremely international. There were 300 Australians on board. I met people from all over Western Europe. Americans and Canadians of course. I like that big mix of people.

I go on many different kinds of vacations.

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@JLeslie Ok.. I get that. I haven’t been on vacation for over 4 years. These days it’s ‘stay-cations’ where I have to take the whole summer off work unpaid to look after my son when he doesn’t have school. I sort of ran out of money this year and now, in the fall, I appear to be very, very broke.

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The only cruise I ever took was a “3 day cruise to nowhere.” It left from NYC and went somewhere down a couple hundred miles south. It had gambling (which I don’t do) and drinking (which I do in moderation). It has the usual clubbing at night and of course, eating and swimming and other recreational activities. I remember some ice breaking “mixer” activities and having great chats with some really nice people. I remember huge buffets of food in addition to sit down dinners and the waiters hyping it up, doing dances and really working for their tips. The cabins were not that big, not like hotel rooms, the point being you don’t stay in your room much at all.

It was fun and I know some people really love cruises. The last few years there have been reports of whole ships being sick with Norovirus. It turned me off to the thought of cruising, but never say never. Maybe in the future, if the opportunity arose, I’d go for it. A good friend just asked me to join her and two other friends for a cruise in October but I can’t, as I have to get my daughter off to school every day.

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@cazzie I think I tend to crave a vacation that will be a change of pace. The last two years I have experienced wonderful museums (but you have to be paying attention in a museum, and it can get tiring after three days of it) and I have been under tremendous stress, and so a mindless vacation is appealing.

I just dragged my husband all around St. Augustine a month ago learning about all the history and walking until we were tired.

I really like 3–5 day vacations lately. I do it as inexpensively as possible and see a new place. St. Augustine is under 4 hours away, it was more beautiful than I imagined, and I used Marriott points so the hotel was free including a fairly healthy breakfast. I splurged on seeing the sites, lunch was always an inexpensive quick bite, so overall it was a relatively inexpensive trip.

The cruises are cheap (although it is getting into the more expensive time of the year) around $300—$400 per person. They run them for less than $300 at times. 4 nights, all the food you can eat. Just food at home could easily be $100 and add in being entertained, it’s not much more than basic living, spending money on gas to get around, and paying for a movie.

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