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Would you like to take a ride in the Fluther Wayback machine?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) October 1st, 2015

This site called The Wayback Machine apparently has screenshots archived of most any website and the link is Fluther’s. Go to year 2007 and click the very first blue dot and you can see what Fluther looked day one! O_o

One thing I was able to find out is that the General, Social, Meta features were added between May 3rd 2010 and May 7th 2010. (Slow day at work)

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Cool! Only one or two Jellies I recognized that are still here (from glancing at a few different dates).

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That is way cool @Cruiser. Seems to be a lot of obsessing about orgasms and “does he like me?” on the page I visited. Plus ca change….

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Oh i loved Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Oops wrong again.

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@Tropical_Willie Rocky and Friends was my very favorite t.v. show. Probably still is.

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Sure. I would like to see what Fluther looked like before I joined. There’s a lot of things back then that are still being mentioned now and I don’t understand.

And to know the reason why people compare too.

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Aw… nostalgia. Still can’t get used to how quiet this place is now.

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Why, I remember way back when…

Oops! Almost started geezing there…

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Was that before the bullying, cliquing, and such? if so, yeah ~~~

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AFAICT @Hypocrisy_Central I am not aware of a time here in the Tide Pool that bullying, cliquing did not exist. I would loved to be proved wrong

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I occasionally click on a question in the Related area on the left. It’s a bit like our own wayback machine.

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@Stinley I do that too and visit some “blast from the past” Jellies.

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