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What is the greatest one of your "greatest question" on your profile?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) October 3rd, 2015

Just thought it would be fun to ask

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My greatest had 15 GQ scores but I’d rather not revisit it. haha
It was from the spring of 2013 when I was going through some dark stuff, lost my home from the recession. Things are still far from perfect but better than they were.

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Apparently you don’t have to have an Advanced Degree around here to get a few GA’s : )

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16 GQ, 2009: “If you could communicate with a deceased relative or friend, who would you choose to speak to and what would you say?”

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It’s the same as the last few times this question was asked: Why does Fluther have all these weird obsessions?
It’s a long shot from the 14-GQs award.

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Are jokes that use racial or ethnic humor by definition racist?

It’s one of 4 questions I have asked over the years that has gotten 9 “GA’s”, but it is also the greatest as far as the number of responses.

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I like serial killer jokes…

What did Jeffrey Dahmer sing on the way to his refrigerator?

My baloney has a first name…..

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