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Does Diet Coke hydrate?

Asked by xgunther (446points) July 17th, 2007 from iPhone

Does Diet-Coke and other diet sodas hydrate the body? How well do they hydrate compared to just water by itself?

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Diet Coke-- not so much. The caffeine in it acts as a diuretic, countering the hydration of the water.

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p.s. a diuretic does this by increasing urine flow, causing the kidneys to excrete more than the usual amount of sodium, potassium and water. Meaning that most soda actually dehydrates you, instead of hydrating you, diet sodas included, since most have caffeine.

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Diet Coke does Not hydrate. Okay, both great answers above me, and I'll just add a little more to the story. So here's the deal, caffeine is a known diuretic - which will simply accentuate the systems of actual fluid loss. Sodas in general have a very concentrated sugar, or fake sugar like in diet coke, this in-tern makes the body react to try and dilute them in your gut, thereby causing a loss of water from other areas of the body; hence dehydrating you. As far as how well diet coke stands up against water there really is no comparison. This is because soda dehydrates fairly badly, as opposed to water actually being the hydrate. The hydrous compound - nH2O - is actually water, the n is the number of water molecules per molecule (but this is getting too scientific). Basically/technically nothing can hydrate better and more efficiently than water itself.

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This is myth. Caffeine is a diuretic, but it doesn’t dehydrate you any more than water until you drink more than the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee. See
I’ve also seen studies saying that caffeine, even in higher doses, doesn’t reduce your hydration any more than other drinks, it only makes you urinate more frequently. For proof that Coffee is good for you, see

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Diet coke hydrates you, these idiots that say it doesn’t don’t know shit and probably work at mcdonalds, do not listen to them. yes it contains caffeine which is a diuretic but it contains more water than it will make you lose, so it has a net hydrating affect. I am living proof these people don’t know what they are talking about, i have been drinking nothing but diet sodas and teas for the past 20 years, never drinking water and i am in tip top shape and have never even come close to being dehydrated, even after vigorous excercise for 3 hours.

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u still alive jmh5048? lol

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