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A psychic or medium offers to give you a reading- would you accept?

Asked by msh (4262points) October 4th, 2015 from iPhone

Psychics and Mediums are very popular. Some seek comfort from those who have passed, while others seek insight into their futures. Have you ever been to see someone in this field? Did it change your life? (no, I don’t mean the money it cost) Are some more attuned to things otherworldly? If offered freely, would you sit for a reading?

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No. I am cynical about psychics and mediums. I have seen too many people take their advice too seriously and mess up in every way, including my relatives. I don’t want someone to tell me to do this and that with my life without any convincing evidence other than “words from underworld people”. A total waste of money and energy for nothing.

But if someone offered free reading, I think I’d accept. It wouldn’t hurt if no money was involved. I’d take it as another funny story to listen to, and I would forget it as soon as it finished.

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One of my friends believes with all his heart and soul in psychics, which is kind of odd to me, because he’s also quite religious (a Christian). One of his friends is a “psychic.” My friend invited his psychic friend to a party and said that she (the psychic) would be willing to do readings for any of the guests who were interested (for free). We all gave it a go. I don’t believe in psychics. She got quite a few things right, but that is because they were generalities that would be right about most people. It was all in fun, but the psychic actually does her thing for a living and lots of people believe that she really does have powers. They want to believe that she can tell the future or read minds. They don’t want to believe that she speaks in broad generalities. Some people are very desperate to believe in mysterious higher powers. Psychics tend to prey on those people.

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In the past I may have sat out of curiosity. Now, being older and wiser I wouldn’t bother. If a make up session were offered, well, yes I would sit readily.

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For a brief time I dated this stunningly beautiful girl who couldn’t pass up a medium or psychic, which made for some very interesting road trips. I never could quite figure out whether or not she believed in the psychics or mediums, because she would sit through the readings with this sort of twinkle in her eye and bemused expression on her face. On occasion she would be chided by the operatives that the spirits didn’t take kindly to being mocked, and that she must be more grave to expect serious results. There were never repeat visits to the same medium, but every sign on a window or placard had to be investigated once. Looking back, she was a lot of fun, had a great sense of humor, and could certainly do better than me. And to prove it she wound up with a modeling career which took her to L A. For years she would pop up in magazine adds and tv commercials, to the irritation of my poor wife who didn’t understand that my great delight was just the reaction to the memories of the total foolishness a man will submit to in pursuit of a pretty girl.

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Yes, I have attended three fortune tellers’ sessions. All were rubbish. No, I won’t do it again, free or not.

I’ve only met two people who claim to be able to tap into spirits of the dead. Both seem sincere and sane. Neither attempt to profit from their “ability”, and both keep it fairly private. Maybe they truly can. I’m just not buying into it until it is personally witnessed and verified.

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I would. If it were free, why not? Some might see it as a waste of time, I’d see it as a new experience and why not see what they say. At the very least, it would be amusing to see what she predicts (or he predicts) and says about me now and how accurate it is or how stupid it is.

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No I probably wouldn’t. I am cynical when it comes to psychics although I do believe that some people do have some kind of gift. However, whether they are legit or not, I would rather not feed my anxiety anymore by going to see one!!

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I’ve never been. No., I don’t believe in such things. If it was free at a party I would certainly sit and see what they imagine about me. I know I’m hard to read. I’ve had an unusual life. Their guesses would have to be very very general to come close.

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No. I’m very familiar with cold readings and the techniques that such people use. A freebie is just a loss leader to convince someone that the “psychic” has profound talents, and to turn that individual into a paying, repeat customer.

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Depends on who it is, and how they do it. I know people who do things of this type, but in a rational, straightforward, non woo-woo way, as a way to get perspective and insight. I’ve done it and had it be very useful. The framing instructions were to retain your own judgement and take or leave what comes up, however you find it useful. When I listened to others doing it, I couldn’t tell how relevant it was. When it was for me, it felt very personal and relevant and I felt very understood and I found all of the suggestions useful and supportive.

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Sure. It sounds fun. I’ve never had it done before and yes I’d think it all bullshit.
But again, fun.

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I had a reading done by email and the medium was someone recommended by a friend. The reading didn’t change my life, but it foreshadowed precisely the path I would take a few months later that did change my life.

I paid $80, which included her transcription of her channeling session (basically her typing the message from her spirit guides), plus time to answer any questions I had.

I would like to have another reading from her, but I no longer have question that I can’t answer on my own.

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It would depend upon which medium or psychic it was.

If it were James Van Pragh or John Edwards, I might consider it.

Street corner fortune tellers or the like ? No way because there is no free lunch. Their M. O. is to initially hook you in and gradually get more amts. of money under various guises as they progressively arouse your curiosity.

I’ve encountered these types numerous times before when I used to do street performing or various festivals with either face painting or balloon sculpture.

I’ve had plenty of offers for a “free” reading and declined. I’ve watched and listened to many of the readings they gave to others (since many times they were set up right near me) and it was interesting.

The more skillful ones who were well versed in the art of cold reading had different observations custom tailored to each recipient.

The lazier ones had a few standard spiels which they rotated among people without much attempt to individuaize them to each recipient.

Most of them really didn’t cue in to the fact that I was actively listening as I just sort of blended into the background and was usually tending to my own customers.

But face painting doesn’t interfere at all with my sense of hearing so I had the perfect way to observe their methods quite differently from that which is afforded most people.

Quite an educational experience.

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I have never had a reading and for free I would be curious to see how it works. It must take a certain amount of skill to get an idea of a person’s personality and tune the reading accordingly. I would guess that the ones who are most successful really can in this sense read a person. Maybe they ask what seem like casual questions in order to piece together who they are dealing with.

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Actual psychic/mediums that I’ve known channel from spirit rather than read from the subject.

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