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What are your plans for tomorrow (Oct. 7, 2015)? Here is the reason for asking.

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27394points) October 6th, 2015

According to this article, Earth will be annihilated.

Just a heads-up to wear clean clothes prior to going to sleep or work before meeting your maker.~

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Oh well shit, I won’t feel bad about maybe sleeping in then,and if we are still here I guess I better get t an appointment then luckily my last golf game.

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I’ll be at the hospital with my Mom. She’d been gravely injured overnight, and she needed emergency surgery today. It’s very bad. If she doesn’t make it through this ordeal, my own world will most certainly be annihilated.

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Oh God! It’s Wednesday here. Why didn’t I hear anything about it? And why am I still typing this in my house? No! I have no shadow! My entire family too! We are all ghosts, and this is Heaven!

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I’ll manage my day as usual.

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Well according to Proverbs 13:20 I may be fine, but I think Mr. McCann and his followers may me courting their own destruction.
Proverbs 13:20
“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”
But in case I’m wrong, I’m glad I got the house clean. I don’t want my last thought to be that the house looks like total crap.
So I guess I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow and if it is to be my last day, I’m eating a whole chocolate cake and a bag of potatoe chips. No need to worry about calories.
But I’m going to take a wait see attitude before stuffing my face. I think I should hear trumpets first. LOL

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Oh man a mid-week CRISIS, I’ll make it though.

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Dawn to Sunset I’ll be working around the place. Tomorrow night I’ll continue annotating certain Civil War diaries with geographical, biographical and historical information, surrounding contemporary national and world events, contemporary economic and trade info, and the etymology of the more obscure colloquialisms in order to orient future readers. Footnotes and Hyperlinks. God will have to wait his turn.

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OMFG! @Mimishu1995 you must already be gone! I am soooooo sorry you will be missed for the few hours we have left over here.

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Well, I feel so much better that I did not spend the day doing laundry nor paying bills. However this does cause a problem. I do not have anything special to wear. So the end will come, so to speak, and I will be re-wearing a T-shirt I have on today. No clean underwear to be found either. So I guess I’ll go without. Yikes!

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Well it’s now 4.43pm on the 7th October and the earth is still here. I’ve been at work all day in meetings so far, so I hope it doesn’t end until I can get home and get comfy. I’ll try to remember to post later on to let you all know if I’m still here. I wish I’d seen this message before I went to work. I’d definitely prefer to have spent my last day doing something other than attending business meetings!

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I’m glad you warned me. Apparently I’ve only got 7 minutes left. Was planning to go see Hotel Transylvania 2 and have lunch at Home Town Buffet.

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October 7 is my birthday! Had a lovely birthday eve dinner last night with a beloved friend and looking forward to another pleasant dinner tonight with two other old pals. Clean clothes on both occasions for my “Maker,” which in this case is the chef.

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If the world is going to end today, why would i do a damned thing differently? It (and I) won’t matter tomorrow.

If I am not mistaken, this is the second end-of-the-world prediction that has come across the wires in the last month. These folks are just wrong.

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Did you not already die because of the asteroid impact last month?

Earthbound_Misfit's avatar

It’s the morning of the 8th and all is well. Another false alarm folks.

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Damn! And I just spent 3 hours mowing the lawn.

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Guess everyone is in Heaven with me now ~
But really. Remember the 2012 incident? It came from the Mayan calendar, and everyone agreed with the idea. And it was 3 years ago!

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@All, this may be premature for some, but it appears that we survived another apocalypse. ~

@SQUEEKY2 Were you able to fit in a golf game?
@Love_my_doggie I’m really sorry to hear about your mother. How did the operation go?
@Mimishu1995 Please check in. (Ah, thanks for doing so!)
@snowberry As did I.
@Pandora Trumpets before consuming a whole chocolate cake. That sounds logical.
@Tropical_Willie And it appears that we all made it through without global destruction.
@Espiritus_Corvus That sounds like a much better plan than sitting at home biting one’s nails.
@msh So did you go “commando” today?
@Earthbound_Misfit Thanks for checking in.
@Kardamom How was the movie and the meal?
@Pachy Happy birthday friend! It would have been appropriate to watch Melancholia again today.
@elbanditoroso Who knows? An apocalypse may occur one day. A prediction from a source using religious text just doesn’t hold up. If it came from w friend who works for NASA gave me the inside scoop, it might be worthy of consideration, like helping @Pandora consume that chocolate cake.
@ragingloli Nah, I survived that one. Apparently the people of the US state I live in prayed to God to survive that impending incident.
@LuckyGuy And now you can spend a peaceful evening with the scent of freshly mown grass wafting about.

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I had gall bladder surgery. I figured if I died, you’d all wonder if I made the cut.

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filmfann: ouch! Hope you are doing better. Yikes!

Pied_Pfeffer. Man, I am totally bummed. I decided to be a gracious hostess and invite annihilation in well-dressed.
I am still sitting here in my ugliest bridesmaids dress, matching jaunty pillbox hat, shoes and my découpaged wood box purse. Eating Sugar Babies and animal crackers. Commando.
I’m so disappointed.
Tsk, I’ll put it all away until the next time.
Would someone at least give a ‘heads up’ ahead of the ‘end’ next time? Hot Rollers to curl the hair take a few minites to warm up! ( get it… Heads-Up… Curlers…)
Tsk. Fine. I’m gonna go change now.
And I gotta do laundry tomorrow….

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@Pied_Pfeffer “I’m really sorry to hear about your mother. How did the operation go?”

Thank you for your kindness. The good news – the operation was a complete success. The bad news – Mom’s age 88, weak and frail, and has Alzheimer’s disease. Right now, it’s just wait-and-see. Two days ago, Mom was friendly, bubbly, and happy. Someone in her circumstances can be changed forever just by general anesthesia, compounded by such major, traumatic surgery. I’m walking around in a fog.

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@Pied_Pfeffer The movie was really funny. We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant instead. I had delicious spinach enchiladas.

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It’s almost 10 pm here and we’re still around. Just had work today and then tonight, my daughter is putting together and decorating a gingerbread haunted house we got from Trader Joe’s (whole kit, $7.99, very cute). We glued it with the hot glue gun and she’s putting the icing and embellishments on it now.

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Yup all is well and had a super great golf game.

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Well we are all still here. Yay.

Another doomsday prophesier bites the dust.

So now all is left is for him to try to wipe the egg off his face.
You’d think that after so many of these, they’d smarten up and pay attention to the Bible verses which clearly state that “no man will know the day or the hour”. You’d think they’d pay closer attention to the book they claim to follow :)


I hope you’re feeling better and have a swift recovery. But if there was any day to have this surgery it may as well have been today :)

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…. So…. no trumpets and I’m still here…. and there’s a chocolate cake in my frig feeling like it had somewhere to go yesterday. Somewhere pretty like my tummy. I’m slightly disappointed.

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Is it over? Can I come out yet?

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A college friend who is now a Lutheran minister recently posted this on FaceBook:

“I have never been one to forecast the end of the world. But, I have been saying for many years now that there is but one sign that the end is near. It is when the Cubs win the World Series. I fear that time could be soon. Well, hey I’ve had a good run.”

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