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Would Dr. Ben Carson be deserving of Professor Butler's imagined award? Why? Why not?

Asked by josie (30926points) October 7th, 2015

A black UPenn prof, Anthea Butler, responded to a tweet about Dr. Carson, and lamented “if only there was a “coon of the year” award.
If Professor Butler establishes the award, should Dr. Carson get it?

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Not until South Park gets there’s first.

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Stuff like this only exposes the tip of the iceberg of the rabid racial, gender and hairpiece bias that will pervade this election campaign for the next 12 months.

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As for an award, maybe.
He actually deserves a kick in the pants for what he said about those who experienced and/or died in the shootings in Oregon. How they ‘should’ have handled the situation. What HE would’ve done had he been there. He didn’t even know of the veteran who rescued some and then ran back in towards the shooter.
Trump defended Carson today.
What a swell guy.
Two swell guys…

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^^ What Carson said is very interesting for a Republican conservative by suggesting everyone subvert their own individual interests and band together in a life-and-death struggle for the greater good. He is describing precisely the textbook ideals of Socialism: This pinko Bolshevik should be dragged out onto the Texas prairie and hung from the nearest scrub oak then sent to the Kremlin for burial. This is America for chrissakes!

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Nope. The Washington Examiner. Enough said.

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@Espiritus_Corvus what was he saying about banding together? Can you please link, I don’t get your blame-stream media.

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This about politics as usual and nothing about truth. When the opposition makes a statement, just twist it around, spin it upside down and lie about it. Nothing new here.

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@cazzie Carson was talking about what he would do if he was in the same situation as the students in the Oregon shootings. He said he would say, “C’mon guys! Let’s go! He can’t shoot us all!” Then he would lead the attack and they would all take the shooter down together. It struck me that if this recipe for dealing with problems of mankind—that is, to sacrifice one’s own needs for the greater good—that it was a “Socialist” sentiment which, as you know, is a word that is anathema to most Americans, especially Texans. I was kidding, but I’m surprised that one of the more rabid talking heads hadn’t attacked him from this angle during the resultant media blow up on his supposed “insensitive hypothetical that insults the memory of the victims by insinuating that they were cowards.” (Talk about protraction!) The whole thing is stupid, Cazzie.

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There’s something about Carson that saddens me. I can’t quite explain it , but the soft voice, and the inane, simplistic pronouncements wafting from him in that
monotone leave me looking at the floor when his image is in front of me. How a man of his achievement arrives at such views on the world surrounding him baffles the shit out of me. He has that same robotic aura as Clarence Thomas, another black man gazed at by the majority of black folks with the same puzzlement for the same reason. It’s amazing how little criticism harangues either of them from their people who have withstood so much torment. In the end, I think it is because there is an ingrained suspicion that what they’re looking at amounts to profoundly “damaged goods”.

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Carson is not the only one who felt the better way to surviving a killer threat is a full on counter attack. In the weeks after 9/11 an airline pilot gave this speech that when I read…I will never forget as I was on a plane in the air when 9/11 happened and I am convinced this is the best and only chance you have in a do or die situation

“I want to thank you brave folks for coming out today. We don’t have any new instructions from the federal government, so from now on we’re on our own.”

‘If someone were to stand up, brandish something such as a plastic knife and say ‘This is a hijacking’ or words to that effect, here is what you should do: Every one of you should stand up and immediately throw things at that person—pillows, books, magazines, eyeglasses, shoes—anything that will throw him off balance and distract his attention.’

—Pilot on United’s Flight 564 on Sept. 15

The passengers listened in total silence.

He explained that airport security measures had pretty much solved the problem of firearms being carried aboard, but not weapons of the type the terrorists apparently used, plastic knives or those fashioned from wood or ceramics.

“Sometimes a potential hijacker will announce that he has a bomb. There are no bombs on this aircraft, and if someone were to get up and make that claim, don’t believe him.

“If someone were to stand up, brandish something such as a plastic knife and say ‘This is a hijacking’ or words to that effect, here is what you should do: Every one of you should stand up and immediately throw things at that person—pillows, books, magazines, eyeglasses, shoes—anything that will throw him off balance and distract his attention. If he has a confederate or two, do the same with them. Most important: get a blanket over him, then wrestle him to the floor and keep him there. We’ll land the plane at the nearest airport and the authorities will take it from there.”

“Remember, there will be one of him and maybe a few confederates, but there are 200 of you. You can overwhelm them.

“The Declaration of Independence says ‘We, the people,’ and that’s just what it is when we’re up in the air: we, the people, vs. would-be terrorists. I don’t think we are going to have any such problem today or tomorrow or for a while, but some time down the road, it is going to happen again, and I want you to know what to do.

“Now, since we’re a family for the new few hours, I’ll ask you to turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself, tell them a little about yourself and ask them to do the same.”

The end of this remarkable speech brought sustained clapping from the passengers.

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That was a smart pilot. In a well planned attack like 9/11. I don’t believe people are as relaxed about the other people on their flights as they once were. If so, they are not very bright.
Carson is an armchair quarterback after the murder of mostly young kids. And the disabled.
The entire area in Oregon and those suffering from this type of attack in the US and others working to recover from the like, don’t need to hear the blatherings of an idiotic fool.
These gunwimps seem to have only a loose idea about how things should go once their big plans go awry. Chance encounters. Open areas.
I’d hate to have lessons on how to survive an attack practiced like tornado or earthquake drills in schools.
Incredulous is the only way I can describe my reaction after this pompous buffoon spoke so callously the day after the attack.
That’s who needs to be in charge!
” If I were fighting this battle in Syria, this is what I would have done to take down the infidels in this engagement! ”

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