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Looking for opinions on an apocalypse punch card.

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) October 8th, 2015

Hey all, always wanted to make something like this since I saw the rapture card picture that pops up every now and then (here)

I decided to finally make one that wasn’t so specific, and am looking on feedback. I need to re-tweak things as for some reason it won’t fit in business card templates (think I got the wrong size in the start, not sure), and am toying with the idea of putting it on kickstarter if there was enough interest to get them made and shipped out.

I’m just curious what you guys think, if you have feedback, or if that’s something you’d be interested in having.

Might be difficult to get things set up as I’m leaving the country for a couple months in november, but might be able to work things around that (or just delay it).

Here’s the front and back, a couple things aren’t perfectly lined up yet either.

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Check your spelling.

And while I think it is funny, I wouldn’t pay enough for one to cover the cost of the stamp to mail it.

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I’m not sure why anyone would need this.

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Pretty funny & gets the point across.

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Personally, I find the layout of the front just wrong. The use or absence of space was all wonky, leading to my eyes going around randomly in a distracting manner as opposed to make any sense out of what I was seeing. The back was pretty good about that, but the front was atrocious.

I did a little rearranging and got this, which I think does a better job of utilizing space in a way that draws attention to the elements of the image without feeling like your eyes are being jerked around.

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You left off the Zombie Apocalypse….no Apocalypse card can be official if it doesn’t have a Zombie Apocalypse on it.

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@Cruiser I think that falls under “Viral/Bacterial epidemic”.

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According to this I’m halfway through my fifth card, and I was born in late 1985.

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I like it as a meme, but wouldn’t actually buy one.

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@jerv Nice re-arrangement, definitely looks better.

@Cruiser True, I also need to add in the raptor rapture

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@XOIIO After I made my comment I noticed you had slots for filling in your own do or die experience. Pretty funny! lol

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