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How do I tell an iPhone G3 from a G2?

Asked by nicko9y (2points) July 22nd, 2008

I need to phisically buy an iPhone at a local wal*mart, however, I don’t trust the people at the store to be able to tell me if the iPhone they have there is G3 or G2. Can someone tell me how to tell the two apart by looking at the box?

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because it says so on the box…it’s not like they ship them in black boxes (ok, they boxes are black, but you know what i mean) it says clear as day on the box

but if you don’t trust them, why not buy it at an apple store instead ?

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and to correct some errors, it’s the iphone 3G, there is no G2 phone, it’s just… iPhone, and Iphone 3G

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Original iPhone has shiny aluminum back casing. iPhone 3G has a plastic (black or white) back casing. And if you’re into subtlety, the 3G has visible screws and the headphone jack is no longer recessed.

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Thank you. I assumed G3 meant Generation 3 so….lol.
I also had not had a chance to look at the box yet.

Thanks for the quick answer!

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The ones with the plastic back (solid black and solid white) are the 3Gs.

The “2G” and first gen iPhones are the ones on the left, with the aluminum back, with the black stripe across the bottom. The 3Gs have a slightly curved back.

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given that apple ran out of original iphone back in April it’s probably impossible not to buy an iPhone 3G.

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Good point, @lightlyseared!

A – you’re not ever buying a new iPhone at Wal-Mart. Only AT&T stores or the Apple Store.

B – you can buy used Original iPhones on eBay… but likely not any 3G for a while as there’s no point for someone to sell it as they already committed to a 2-year relationship with AT&T.

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If it’s at WalMart, it ain’t an iPhone. Unless you buy it from some dude in the parking lot.

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