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What is your record for witnessing the aftermath of fender benders?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26843points) October 9th, 2015

On the way back from the job today I seen the aftermath of 4 fender benders, two involved work trucks and civilian vehicles (one loosing it’s whole bumper), one was a three car chain fender bending, and the last was an SUV that got clobbered from behind, and that is not counting the two on the way to the job making it a total of 6 on the day. How many have you seen in one day?

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Two hitting the same light standard.

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It was early in 2008, I was pregnant. We were on our way home after spending the weekend in Orlando at a concert. We got through early on, and didn’t know how bad it was until much later.

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^ That was more like NASCAR at Talladega, when you have fatalities and burning vehicles, that certainly ups it from a fender bender; but a blessing you made it pass that frackus.

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One time, driving down I 80 from Donner Summit to the Sacramento Valley, one of the first cars through after chain restrictions were lifted, there was a two mile stretch that was littered with a few dozen cars. Spin outs, T-Bones, chain reactions, it was a miracle I could thread my way between them all.

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During an ice storm in New England, I stopped counting at 20. I was driving a 4 wheel drive with new tires. I had to drive 30 miles from work to get home.

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probably a half dozen on the side of I-85 in Atlanta, after one of our ice storms.

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30 something. Fog. It was around Kansas City. When we drove into the fog, on the highway, I yelled at Rick to slow down. I said, “There could be something up ahead that you can’t see!”
He shook his head and said, “There’s nothing up ahead.”
Not 10 seconds later we came upon a temporary sign that indicated a massive wreck ahead…it was in the other lane. People had just hit that fog, and did like Rick, and didn’t take any precautions. Just piled into each other.
Pissed me off.

Have you seen those videos of pile ups as they’re happening? It blows my mind. Those who are paying attention have time to stop safely, while others just…bonzai, don’t even see the problem until the last screaming second, when it’s too late. What the hell are they looking at when they’re looking out the windshield?

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