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Can hair color makes someone look bad?

Asked by Blasiangirl500 (136points) October 9th, 2015

I dyed my hair pink and now everybody seems to avoid me. Girl in college class don’t want to sit next to me and when guys look at me its a disgust look or an angry look. Before girl would talk to me and guy would stare when I walk by. I just feel really weird with pink hair. My natural hair was dark brown.

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If you don’t like having pink hair (regardless of how others feel), change it.


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Consider dying it back. Pink is a pretty unusual hair color; people may be startled when they see you.

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Have to agree with @Seek on this one. Your hair color should be based on what you like, not what other people like. If you live in a particularly small town, people might be slightly more judgemental of your choice of hair color than they might otherwise be in a larger city. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should dye it back. Again, just do what you like.

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Whether it is a naturally occurring color, or something dazzling you have chosen, a hair color can be unflattering.
It could be that people are not necessarily offended by the pink. but if they thought you were quite attractive before the change, they may simply wonder why you did it.
I have seen girls who chose to go goth, and the look was great on them, but some women absolutely should not travel that road.
Your first priority in fashion is to please yourself. Secondly, does it interfere with your professional standards?
If you are happy with the color, but not the reaction, I would advise giving it some time to see if people come around. By the time you have reached your age and school level, you must be able to understand that sudden changes can confuse and upset people. If you are unhappy with the look, by all means, change it back.
Always remember one thing about fashion; no matter how popular a style may seem, if it doesn’t flatter you, you should not do it.
If you choose to keep the pink or not, always wear whatever style you choose with pride and dignity. If you show any sign you are uncomfortable with a chosen look, others will experience discomfort along with you.
Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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Ok, being blunt here, there is a guy in our town who has done the same thing. It is his right and I am perfectly fine with him doing it but he looks stupid with such an unnatural color.

If you choose to look stupid, don’t be offended when others avoid you.

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Jesus Christ. Did I just step onto a Disney teen drama set?

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Sweetie- Do You Like It?
That’s what matters. If a person wants to look the way they see themselves- do it! This is the only time in your life you can try it and have fun! If you go back to your original color, yippie- yea….boring!
Who gives a rat’s butt what you do? If those people reacted that way- tell them to go play patty-cake with other dull people!
Try going to a salon and have streaks of various pink color! It looks great and it is the ‘thing’ right now.
Get conditioner with help of colorist to keep it soft and have shine. Take care of you and your hair.
C’mon! Have FUN!
Purple or blue next! You felt good right after you did it- don’t let people’s reactions sway you so much. Those two people have a problem. But the five who thought it looked great, you didn’t see as you walked down to class.
You need confidence. You made a choice- now work it!!!!
Go get the varying colors of pink worked in.
Tell the colorist what you want to try!
You can go back to brown later- it’s going to be there until it’s grey!
Smile brightly at people and keep going- you’ll be fine!
You Go Girl!!! :)

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You must be both very young and living in a very square environment. In any event, if you’re self conscscious enough to care this much about your peers reaction to you, why dye your hair pink? The thing I find interesting is that you’ve found an actual college where kids your age regard dyeing your hair pink as antisocial behavior. Are you in a bible college, or trapped somewhere back in the 1950s?

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Though IMO I think changing ones natural appearance is reflective of a lack of self esteem…putting on make-up, certain clothes and hair styles and hair color can be a way of projecting ones personality that at a distance one would otherwise not be able to appreciate. You felt the need to color you hair pink for a reason…now it is up to you to own this reason, not regret it or feel threatened by others less than approving reaction to your choice you made. If you own these reasons why you felt the need to go pink and convey them with confidence then I will think you will attract the people who appreciate you and this bold move you took.

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I wasn’t trying to have pink hair in the first place. My older sister dye her hair all kinds of color and since her hair is too dark for pink she wanted to experiment with my hair. My goal was to have my hair back to natural but my family wanted me to try something new for a change. This is something way out of my comfort zone. I dye it blue and blonde before. But the blue was midnight blue so its was mostly black with blue tint. This hair color don’t make me feel confident in myself not because people don’t like it, it was something out of the ordinary and the pink is bright pink. The only time I like the color is when it’s dark because it look brownish red. For me I like dark color and this is too bright. I will let it fade for a week and dye it back.

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Yes, it can make a person look bad. Or perhaps I should say “weird”.

I’m big on being natural and living with the appearance that you were given. Pink hair, blue hair, nose rings… they’re all escapist and unnatural.

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“they’re all escapist and unnatural”

So are air conditioning and antibiotics. Meh.

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The important part is, do you like it? The hell with what people think.

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@Seek OK, we disagree.

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Some people just look better with hair color they were not born with, others not so much.

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