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What is your strange obsession?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2098points) October 11th, 2015

What are you extremely interested in that others may find weird or creepy? Why are you interested in it?

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Bats. I love bats. They are cute, and unusual, and eat lots of insects, especially mosquitoes.

Earwax, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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I collect small animal skulls and skeletons, and I enjoy carving larger bones into ornaments and needles and such.

I have a pig skull that I painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, then enamelled with the recipe for a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster in Elder Futhark lettering.

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When I was a kid, my closet door HAD TO BE CLOSED before I could fall asleep. Not partway closed, not open, not even cracked. Closed.

Now, not a material issue for me.

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Penguins – but is that really so strange?

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Pillows. I like that they’re soft and you can cuddle with them. I like the sound it makes when you run your fingernail on it, when you fluff it up and even just when you turn your head in it. I like sticking my face in pillows and talking in them. I like the corners. The seams, everything.

I realize that this obsession is probably abnormal. But it’s been with me ever since I can remember. As a kid, people didn’t think about it twice, but now as an adult, the obsession remains hidden, and is only exposed to people who are close to me. It’s actually kind of hard to hide when I get close enough to someone though.

I asked on here about this once. What kind of problem could this be? Got no real answers, a lot of speculation. I don’t want to get rid of the obsession though. Just real curious. (haven’t always been as this has seemed natural to me for years) I have 14 pillows. Twelve on my bed, two spares.
I also feel the same about big blankets, sleeping bags and comforters.

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Ordering university calendars and not going to any.

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Staying awake…. I find solace in doing shit while others sleep soundly.

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Erotic cartoons, aka hentai. No tentacles, though.

too many are misogynistic

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I memorize numbers habitually, specializing in numbered series. For instance, I know all of the classroom numbers at my school and the ones I used to go to. No clue why they interest me; I’ve just always liked them.

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Networking.. I have slept for about 10 hours since this router was delivered on friday afternoon.

The solution which is obvious after the fact took me around a lot of fucking hours. I am simultaneously proud and massively upset with myself.

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@johnpowell , I am glad I don’t have your techability. I would never sleep, always trying to figure out the next hurdle, push back the horizon.

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