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Do you find yourself using "slang" terms to get a point across?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) July 22nd, 2008

“you trippin!” it comes from somewhere but where? how? and how does it work its way into our lives and even dictionaries? what’s your slang, bro?

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I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do cant.

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I do once in a blue moon!

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@marina: LOL—i knew you’d “not” “go there,” you wordsmith you…

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Very rarely. Mostly because I’ve lived in different areas of different countries, speaking different languages and I make an effort not too take on too much of local accents and slang terms.

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Fo’ shizzle, boyee-e-e!


Um, no. Not really.

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Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing! ...hmm…what does that mean again?

On a more serious note, I think slang, to a point, is fun and amusing but you have to watch out for context and audience. I wouldn’t encourage too much slang on fluther just because of the wide age range and also many of us would just have to refer to urbandictionary to understand what the hell you are trying to say.

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@PnL: aint no thang but a chicken wang simply means “no big deal” or “no problem.”

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Of course. I also use sound effects and hand gestures to communicate. Of course, if I were writing and academic paper I wouldn’t use the same language as if I were, for example, texting a friend.

I don’t say any one/few slang words/phrases all the time. All kinds of things pop out of my mouth, at any given moment. Comprende?

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I don’t use slang when I want to be taken seriously, so it rarely, if ever, turns up when I want to get a point across.

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Ive always questioned the whole “you must be trippin” saying. The thing is most people who say it have no idea what tripping actually is. So why the hell do they say it?

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I just sound stupid if I try. Slang doesn’t flow from me and it sounds awkward and fake.

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@uber- trippin’=drug reference, but basically means something like “Are you out of your mind?” or “Crazy.”

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@sndfreq I know what tripping is. Im a big fan of it. What im saying is most of the people guilty of saying this phrase have no clue what tripping is. Next time you hear someone say it, ask them if they know what tripping is, i can almost guarantee they wont know.

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Me too uber!

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trippin: either you just dont have a clue, you are insane, you are crazy, you plan on doing something abnormal, you are saying stupid things, you are drunk, you are high, you are doing something outside character, you’re about to do something stupid.

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why use a word that already has meaning though? One that kind of fits in some scenarios yet have no clue what said word means.

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Mostly only when I’m frustrated.

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very frequently. i like to mix it with very high diction, usually in the same sentance. i find the contrast very amusing. whether others find it amusing is beyond the scope of this question.

probably not, though

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I use some but I hate people who do things like “slang” their typed words such as I c wat u mn” How hard is it to say I aee what you mean?

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(pretty hard, I guess) ^ ^

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I just realized I typoed see. LOL I am more tired than I thought

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Crowd pleaser(s):
Naw mean=(do you get it)
AWW, Man=( come on-please)
Shucks=(I made a mistake)
Dag Nabbit=(damn)
You be trippn’=(are you crazy)
fo’ real=(are you telling the truth)
OMG-Shut-Up=(are you serious)
get outta here=(hard to believe)
Hello!=(i understand you)
Pssh-please=(doesn’t matter)
I’m cool=(that’s alright)

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<3 = love !

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hella…......... I“m so ashamed

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While I try to use care when speaking with my teenagers; sometimes their foreign language does creep in to my own.

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as @sndfreQ indicated “trippin’” is a drug reference; if one was tripping, one was under the influence of an hallucinogen, usually LSD, mescaline, or mushrooms.

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YES Sometimes you gotta use the words so what you say is heard loud and clear!

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Some audiences almost demand the use of slang to establish rapport.

Other audiences would immediately think you quite an idiot.

Depends on who you’re talking to, about what subjects….

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Not really, no.

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Oh really Zen? When was the last time you dealt w/kids under-20?

(of course, if you do it in a heavy-handed stupid way, it can sound condescending)

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Fuckin’ A!

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Only if its clever, ironic, or both.

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@Skippy I completely agree with you. Sometimes you do have to use slang to get your point across loud and clear. But it also depends with whom. For example the way I speak with my friends, I wouldn’t even dare speak that way to my parents, and I think my Grandfather would thinks I’m speaking gibberish. There are some adults, parents of friends, some Aunts and Uncles of mine I can speak to, but to a degree.
Another thing is that when i speak Spanish I use a lot more slang. For some reason it’s more common in my community (I’m Mexican and Jewish) so sometimes I completely lose myself in a mix of Spanglish, Jewish. Hebrew, and Yiddish terms.

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@nimarka1 Kinda reminds me of when I lived in a tri-cultural small town in Texal. It was Texan, German and Mexican,!

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Word? ——- really?/ are you serious?
you’re such a coconut——- you’re nuts/crazy

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In actuality, the word “actually” is used improperly and considered slang when used to start a sentence, actually.

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