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What happened to the 10 minute limit?

Asked by josie (30926points) October 11th, 2015

On more than one occasion, I got closed out of editing an answer long before the end of the 10 minute grace period.
Just now, it was inside of a minute.
Is this the beginning of the end of Fluther as the software decays from lack of maintenance?

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This is a problem with the servers that host Fluther, not with Fluther itself. I (and other users) have found that you can often refresh the page—multiple times if necessary—until the edit link reappears.

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Bruce Lee got into this shit.

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Hehehehe, Probably Gail’s instructions to speed up the checking and raise awareness of getting it right the first time! :)

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LOL nice.

Gail; the Bruce Lee of spelling and grammar.

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Yeah, and instead of just refreshing like @thorninmud said? Try the back/forward buttons or open in a new window.

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Back buttons have always seemed to work for me.

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Just refresh the question several times. It will let you do it. Sounds like a ghost in the machine.

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I have a Response : Perfecto Fish ratio of 6 to 1. Even when we had ten minutes it was too short for my liking. The other day it was under a minute and I had to live with the thought of something so shitty left forever on the ethernet for all to read.

Willing to Trade: 488 Perfecto Fish for one Robot Crush

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Yes, just happened to me! That was definitely no 10 minute grace period! More like 10 split seconds!

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Try back and forward buttons next time, @ZEPHYRA.
But hurry, the time’s a ticking while you try to get the grace period back.

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It got shot to shit, probably.

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I tried the back forward buttons when posting a new question and it double-posted. Same question was asked twice. One was deleted…I don’t know what happened to the answer that was already posted there.

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