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Any ideas what this dream about a bear means?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36648points) October 12th, 2015

Last night I dreamed about fishing in a pond on stateland near me. I had caught two bluegills. As I was setting there a black bear comes out of the woods and he walks up to me and lays down. There’s a broken off arrow sticking out of his side. i’m thinking if I try to pull that out he’s going to rip off my head or at least some of my limbs. But he can’t live with that in his side. I grab it and pull it out, he flinches, but stays calm. I have my so get some wipes and I clean it out. We had just bought some honey so I give it to him along with the two fish. Then I go back to fishing, and he sits beside me. I catch three or four more fish and give them to him. Then he nuzzles my leg and heads back into the woods. I wasn’t doing any drugs, honestly, but that was beyond bizzare, Any ideas?

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Dream Mood says that bears represent strength, independence, death and renewal. It says bears are a symbol of life. Incidentally if you dream that a bear attacks or runs after you, it represents uncontrolled anger and emotions.
But since this wasn’t what was happening in your dream, I could venture to say that you healing the bear means you’ve come at peace with something in your life. That, or resignation, or perhaps understanding or realization. That your so was involved in the dream means it might have something to do with her, or your relationship with her. Or not. Only you know what conflict, fear or wtv you may have come to terms with.

Since bears are supposed to symbolize life and death, might be some inner part of you that is gone and replaced by something else. Something completely normal, as seen through the bear being the cycle of life, and you healing it.

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You are a kind, benevolent soul who likes animals, the Great Outdoors, and fishing in your favorite spot. The bear could represent any forest animal that is bow hunted. Or a big friendly dog that was injured.

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From Dream Moods Dictionary: “To see a bear in your dream represents independence, strength, death and renewal, and/or resurrection. Bears are symbolic of the cycle of life. You may also be undergoing a period of introspection and thinking.”

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The bear symbolizes the old ways, the Pagan beliefs that have been hunted to the point of extinction by modernism and monotheistic religion; driven out and seeking solace hidden in depths of the forest and wild places in order to survive they are symbolized by that which is fearsome and yet untamed. Within your dream we see a re-awakening of the spiritual in you. You were once in touch with the Divine Nature but these beliefs have been repressed over the years, buried deep in the psyche and sorely wounded at some point in the past and these wounds have yet to heal.

But lo, this Divine Nature still resides within you and at times finds its way into your subconscious. In this dream, when they surfaced you faced them with no fear, recognizing them for what they are; not something fearsome and threatening but a part of your own being. Recognizing that things will only get worse if ignored, your withdrawing the arrow is your attempt to heal yourself of these psychic wounds inflicted probably by others, but perhaps by your very self, in the past.

Honey is sweet and natural, a symbol of spirituality. Giving it to the Bear, who represents your true pagan self, is an attempt to understand what has happened to you in the past to make you what you are and what is happening now to free yourself from the baggage we carry from our harried lifestyle while at the same time presenting yourself a gift from the natural world as restitution for past sins or omissions.

The fish has always represented Christianity. Giving the fish to the Bear may a way to express that you are prepared to sacrifice this Christianity and return to your heathen roots in order to heal. Pulling in the additional fish from the water may represent further insights emerging into your consciousness and by also conferring these fish to the Bear you show that you realize that these insights are about, and belong to the Bear as an image of your wellbeing.

By nuzzling you before returning to the woods, the Bear shows that the way is open and your subconscious is ready for you to return to the light whenever you are finally ready.

Here endeth the lesson.

Oh yeah, and the fact that the fish were bluegill means you ain’t getting enough.

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You are dreaming you are a North American version of Androcles. Been reading some Aesop lately?

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You are somehow related to St Francis of Assisi.

It is catching up to you after all this time.

St. Francis died listening to these words-“I cry out to the LORD; I plead for the LORD’s mercy.”

If you hear them, be worried.

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The bears and the arrow sticking out of his side make me think of the types of things that go on in West Hollywood and the Castro district in San Francisco, if you get my meaning. ; P

Is there something you want to share with us?

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It means that there will be seven very prosperous years, followed by seven years of famine. Your 11 brothers will come looking for you in order to survive.

Ooops…..wrong dream.

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I have another interpretation:

You either have aspirations for the office of the Presidency of the United States or are, secretly, Barak Obama in real life.

Either way, the act of fishing is indicative of your sense of power you feel over those beneath you (underwater) and your control of their life and their death. Also, you are fishing without a license showing your utter disdain for the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The bear represent Russia and the Old Soviet Power. The arrow is indicative of pain. Your removal of the arrow is a symbolic event meant to show your tacit approval of Old Soviet Power and an attempt to heal the still raw wounds suffered by the state at the breakup of the Soviet Union.

The presentation of the fish, Bluegills, which translates as Блуджіл or “Bludzhil” in Ukrainian is an indication that you approve of the Russian takeover of Ukraine and the “blood” shed in taking that “hill”. The fact that there are two means that it is not finished. You see it as a two stage process; that which has been taken and that which is yet to be. And you hand them over without a fight.

The lake you are fishing in represents the Mediterranean Sea and your giving four more fish to the bear means you subconsciously approve of the Russian intervention into Syria and are willing to sacrifice it, plus at least three other Middle Eastern countries, to the Russians for the wellbeing of the Russian State; “Feeding the State” as it were. The fact that we get “Oil” from fish means they will be oil producing nations that are taken. Probably Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.

The nudge/lick you get at the end is a show of the mutual love and respect you are hoping for between yourself and the new Soviet Regime. And it wanders off back into the wilds where it will once again hide until it crashes out without warning to eviscerate some other poor unsuspecting country.

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I think that bears represent fear or problems.
The fact that you confronted the bear means that you are willing to work it out.
In working out a compromise you discovered that the ‘bear’ or problem was not as big as you first thought or encountered.
Compassion took over and you not only solved your problem but also that of the bear too.One can get more with honey than vinegar.

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