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Can anybody translate this for me: "maar ik gestopt bij het klein strand"?

Asked by deni (23015points) October 13th, 2015 from iPhone

I don’t know what language it’s in and I tried google and thought maybe Dutch or German? Is Dutch even a language? Anyhow I am trying to win a contest that is offering clues as to where to find this hidden rock and I really need to figure out what this means! I would so appreciate ANY help!

Thanks guys!!!

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it is not german, i can tell you that.
google says, it is dutch: “but I stopped at the small beach”

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This is just a guess without knowing the language but I would imagine by what I know of German roots it says the rock is placed by the small waterside or beach. But I do suspect it is Dutch

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And I could be totally wrong. :-P

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OMG that is so helpful both of you thank you sooooo much

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This online translator says it means” but I stopped at the small beach”.

Oh—sorry—I see it’s already been answered.

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Also while I’m at it here anybody have any idea what the phrase “the man with Bedouin dreams” could mean? I am only slightly familiar with the Bedouin lifestyle I know they live in the deserts of the Middle East and are nomads but what could a Bedouin dream be? Like a dream of a Bedouin lifestyle? The clue indicates that the rock will be found before you get to the barn of a man with Bedouin dreams. The problem is nowhere with a “beach” around here has a barn near it that I know of. Trying to think outside the box but I’m clearly not good at it.

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Could it be a campsite by a river or lake?

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A man with Bedouin dreams would be somebody at a caravan stop. Is there a place fro camping in recreational vehicles near you?

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It’s Dutch, but not correct Dutch.

It means ‘but I (had or was?) stopped at the small beach.’

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No RV parks in town perhaps it could be a trailer park? There is just not a lot of water in Boulder so that narrows it down a lot. Drivin me crazzzy

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Having lived in Boulder, I’m thinking the man with “Bedouin dreams” could be Mo Siegel, founder of Celestial Seasonings.
The headquarters are now near 6-mile Reservoir, off the Boulder-Longmont Diagonal.

However, he began the business in Nederland, back when he was still a dreamer, so you might also look at Barker Reservoir.

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Hey, Blueroses!

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Now I’m really interested in the puzzle!
From Celestial Seasonings own history pages: “In 1969, 19-year-old Mo Siegel and his friend Wyck Hay found a bountiful harvest of wild herbs growing around Boulder, Colorado… The entrepreneurs set up shop in an old barn outside of Boulder”.

Location of this “old barn” defies google. But if you’re in Boulder, try looking up “Green Mountain Grainery”. Ask the old hippies (surely, there are still a few around) on Pearl Street, or just go to the new headquarters.

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If you want to hear the clue from yesterday @blueroses it’s “I was on my way to grandmas house but then I stopped at the beach to go birdwatching” my first thoughts were Walden Ponds out near Gunbarrel and they are a birding hot spot in boulder and since I bird I rushed out there and looked near the water but no luck. I did think of the reservoirs too tho…

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So… all of this is backing my original train of thought.

Is there a pond near the Celestial Seasonings headquarters?

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Yes! There’s two nearby called Twin Lakes. Small beach…I’m going in the morning

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@blueroses what about grandmothers house though?

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Well, Mo grew up, 2nd generation in Palmer Lake. It’s between Denver and CO Springs. Try the Celestial Seasonings first, then go to the tour headquarters and see pictures of his origin. I will bet it’s either the Gunbarrel location or Palmer Lake.

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I guessed Dutch. And it really is a language. Strand means beach. Klein means small or little.

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Come on guys… I am Dutch. There’s no need for guessing anymore, is there?

And anyone doubting that Dutch is a language isn’t worthy of a response.

It’s what you get if you translate English to Dutch in Google.

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@all nevermind someone found the rock today :’( sob. Thanks for all the help anyway!!!

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So what was the solution to the clues?

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@whitenoise They don’t reveal where the people ended up finding the rock!! Boo!!

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