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If there were 8 levels of friendship, what would they be, with 1 being total enemies?

Asked by Nevada83 (825points) October 13th, 2015

I love this question :)

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#1 best friend would be the one that bakes you a Chocolate cake from scratch and lets you have the last piece.
#2 is a great friend that buys you a cake and covers it in whip cream and lets you have the last piece.
#3 is the one who takes you out to a cafe and treats you to cake and coffee.
#4 will come by to chat and hang out and you end up sharing some left over cake you have in the fridge
#5 is the neighbor who returns a yard tool they borrowed a month ago and gives you a cake for doing so.
#6 shares pictures of cake on Facebook.
#7 is on a diet and brought over Frozen Yogurt
#8 wasn’t even invited ate all of the cake and left early.

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Why 8? Do they correspond to circles of Hell?

8= Unfaltering affection. Never gonna give you up.
7= We get disrupted now and then, but you’re almost an 8
6= Haven’t seen you in a while, but it feels all organic when we meet up
5= I have love for you, but I don’t rely on ever reaching you.
4= My steadfast, everyday buddies. Let’s grab a beer!
3= Work friends who can be trusted.
2= Friends who spread secrets. Not to be trusted with anything meaningful.
1= Fuck you. Get the fuck away from me.

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@Cruiser didn’t read the directions. Don’t eat his cake

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@Blueroses Trick question and once again I was not allowed to perfect my answer when I realized the error of my ways 10 SECONDS after posting! X(

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1 enemies
2 don’t like you, keep walking
3 don’t dislike you, but don’t want to bother to get to know you
4 you’re ok – we say hi and smile at each other
5 Cheery chats when we run into each other
6 let’s do dinner or other social event now and then
7 we’re good friends, chat, talk, do favors for each other
8 best friends probably will be for life. Will do anything and you’re like family to me.

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1–4 Meh, a passing moment
4–6 A little more than a passing moment
7 Pretty good friends but I don’t do besties.
8 I’ve known you a long time and really care for you but I could still drop you if I had a good reason. lol

Like everything friendships come and go, wax and wane, flourish or fade.

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I have several long time friends, but there is only one who would, unquestionably, help me hide a body.

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1 – Total Enemies
2 – Asshats
3 – Jerks and Bosses
4 – Work Friends
5 – Drinking Buddies
6 – Close Friends
7 – Best Friends
8 – Fuck buddies (This would be asshole buddies in the military).

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1.-This person would go out of their way to cause harm and take pleasure in my pain
2.-Garden variety asshole
3.-Someone I tolerate
4.-A person I might see while running errands and am friendly with
6.-Golf buddies
7.-Someone I respect and value
8.-This is a person that I will protect,love with all my heart and possibly let them pull my hair.XD

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aw, @lucillelucillelucille , you didn’t read directions either! But i still love you and your answers (even if they’re backward)

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1. If you were on fire… Well Burn in Hell
2.If you were on fire, I may piss on you. (Lowly human being)
3. If you were on fire I would hose you down and call an ambulance because I don’t want to go to jail and the place is stinking. (Don’t know you)
4. If you was on fire, I would be terrified for you more than me and do everything I can to save you even though we are just acquaintances.
5. If you got hurt I would feel terrible for you and steal @Cruiser store bought cake to make you feel better. (friend)
6. I would help you out any way I can. (Good friend)
7. You have my complete trust and I grateful for our friendship (great friend or close family)
8 There isn’t anything I wouldn’t trust you with. My bank accounts, social security number, my credit cards, my car, my house or my dog. (My husband or kids and two of my siblings)

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