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Do you drink alcoholic beverages when you're home and if so, what and how often?

Asked by jca (36010points) October 13th, 2015

When you’re home, either alone or with your spouse/significant other, do you drink alcoholic beverages? If so, what?

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Maybe once a month.

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@filmfann: You omitted “what.”

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I like dry red wines, dark ales (particularly stouts), gin-and-tonic (Bombay Sapphire if I have my ‘druthers, Seagram’s Extra Dry if I’m slumming it), and when I can afford it or get a nice birthday present, Irish Whiskey. I’ve never actually tried a real Scotch. Someday.

I drink a few times a month, maybe. Usually just one or two in a night, unless it’s a special occasion, or a camping weekend in the woods with friends.

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Yeah,every so often wine,or brandy,sometimes a mixed cocktail.

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Very rarely. Never alone. I have an occasional glass of red wine or a gin and tonic. I don’t drink very much or very often though.

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I’m opposed to medicating myself with pharmaceuticals, but somehow, “Can’t wait to get out of here and have a drink”, is different

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Sometimes 2–3 drinks per week, sometimes only 2–3 per month. And it depends on what I’m in the mood for. Wine, rum and coke, bloody marys, maybe a beer.

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Nope. Nada. Zilch. Not since April 22, 1986.

Before that, I drank at home just about every day. Wine with dinner and into the evening, beer on the weekends, a mixed drink occasionally, Grand Marnier after the wine was gone.

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Congrats zenvelo!
Good for you!

I haven’t enjoyed anything for awhile.
Probably six weeks ago, BIB
I like a glass of wine; blush in a box!
I like winecoolers
I keep a bottle of vodka for orange or cranberry juice with ice, for when the moon is blue. Or when I am. No. eclipse. Hold on, a Harvest Moon, tsk. I forget.

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Too much.

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I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Wait a minute, there was that one time? In band camp? I held my nose and chugger a can of bear.

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One or two a night.

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The missing what:

Either beer, red wine, or a White Russian.

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Teetotaler here.

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Ex teetotaler. Now only at home, the odd dark beer or on a freezing wintet’s night a tot of liquer which is so sugar laden I wonder how a drop hits you so suddenly! That’s about it. Oh, I make sure I have eaten well and drunk a lot of water before. That is my beery epicness.

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Maybe six times a year I indulge myself with a bit of Baileys Irish Creme—love the taste and texture—but otherwise, I drink neither at home nor socially. Just not my thing.

Now of course if they made a peanut-flavored cordial for us elephants…

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Usually either a gin & tonic, a finger and a half of Glenfiddich single malt, or a lemon drop, depending on my mood. But I don’t drink to excess ever, really.

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Maybe once a fortnight on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. My drink of choice is Jack Daniels but I also enjoy scotch, Rose wine, white wine if it’s sweet enough and cider.

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I love how many Jellies enjoy Gin and Scotch. Makes planning the next mansion party a breeze!

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Almost never but I enjoy a cold glass of beer on special occasions.

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Hardly ever. No reason to. I have two cases of dark Anejo rum, part of a large batch that I pulled out of Cuba last year for purely mercenary reasons. It has a smooth, rich flavor and a coffee-bean finish. Amazing stuff. You know what? I think I’ll have a little right now. No shit. I rarely do this anymore, but this is really good rum.

Thanks for reminding me. Salud.

Happy Birthday, Flutherother.

And here’s to Gail.

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… Excuse me, I mean Happy Birthday, Yetanotheruser. Yep, that’s why I don’t drink much anymore. Just thinking about it makes me stupid.

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Hubby brought home a Build-Your-Own 6-pack of craft beers tonight – all brown ales and Irish Reds this week. Yum.

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I won a bottle of Bailey’s two years ago at a holiday party. It’s in the refrigerator, unopened. I hope it’s still good. I have no immediate plans to drink it but don’t want it to go bad, either.

I never drink at home. I have unopened wine in the refrigerator. I hardly drink at a social occasion, maybe six to ten events per year. Two drinks is the usual maximum. I’m not against drinking and people enjoying themselves drinking, as I do it too, just not often.

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@jca You might want to drink the Baileys. I had acquired some liquor from my fathers home after he died. He was not much of a drinker so many of the bottles were unopened and had been gathered over the better part of 30 plus years. I am not sure how long a liquor has before it turns but dad had exceeded the time limit, whatever it was. The Baileys was soured and was poured down the sink, as was the Drambuie, but it was not refrigerated so that may make a difference. Several of the others had a vinegary undertone to them, particularly the brandy, but even the scotch and rum. There were three unopened bottles of brandy and all were so bad I had to dispose of them but I somehow suffered the scotch and rum, mainly in mixed drinks.

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Right now there’s a recipe I’d like to make, Apple Bourbon Cake. I need one cup of bourbon. My parents have none in their house which means I have to buy it if I’m going to follow this recipe properly. Costco has a liter for $20. Someone suggested I buy little one serving bottles, which are probably one oz or two oz each. They’re probably at least $2 each. If I’m going to spend $10 for a handful of single serving bottles, I may as well buy the liter for $20, or at least, a smaller sized bottle for maybe $15, and get a few cups out of it, so I can make the recipe several times.

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@jca Get some butterscotch shnapps and combine it with the Bailey’s to make “buttery nipple” shots. Best. Drink. EVER.

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@WillWorkForChocolate That is called a pequeño beso down here.

Welcome to Fluther, @deepikadm

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