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How can I achieve a "Tech Guy" look/style (see details...)

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) October 13th, 2015

So, a buddy of mine “nominated” me to play the part of “Tech Guy” in a sizzle reel for a ghost-hunting show. I’m the tech guy, because, well…. I like tech. The guy who’s arranging it wants me to look the part. He suggested wearing a pair of glasses, but I lost them. I’m trying to brainstorm over here, but besides taping a cellphone to my forehead, I can’t think of a damn thing. Right now I’m rocking the depressed, too skinny, and sleep-deprived look.) Any suggestions?

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Worn-out jeans, a gaming or anime-related tee shirt, and a neckbeard?

Alternately, nice jeans or khakis, a short-sleeved plaid button-down shirt (with appropriate undershirt), possibly with a tiny screwdriver or two in the breast pocket.

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Too skinny works for the nerd look.

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Spiky hair, a Smartphone in pocket with earbuds, and Sketcher or Vans shoes.

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Pocket protector with three or four pens.
A pair of Google Glasses.
Short pants with black socks and black shoes.

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So far I think @Seek is the only one who is even close.

Glasses are a common thing as we tend towards nearsightedness. Jeans are common as they are low maintenance, fairly rugged and more legal to walk around in public than our natural inclination; not bothering with pants at all. As for shirts, it’s almost always a T-shirt. Anything else may feel like it’s ruined if you drop pizza on it in the middle of a raid, but T-shirts are cheap enough that random weird stains are no big deal.

That said, looking sleep-deprived is a little inauthentic considering the love of caffeine that is so common. While not quite as hyper as a meth-head, there is a certain eye sparkle that can only come from downing two pots of coffee before breakfast. Granted, there is some sleep deprivation going on, but it’s often masked by high doses of legal stimulants.

@Hypocrisy_Central That sounds more like “skater” to me, unless by “spiky” you mean “unkempt” and by Earbuds” you mean “Bluetooth”.

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Glasses with wide black (plastic) bows. Taped nose bridge (white adhesive tape, of course). A slide rule hung from a skinny belt. Pocket protector (but shirt stained with ink from leaking pens anyway). White shirt (except for the ink stains). Multiple pens and mechanical pencils. A key ring with lots of keys on a retractable leash held by the skinny belt. Too-short pants. White socks. Thick-soled (rubber soles) lace-up below-the-ankle black shoes. Crew cut or bald. Distracted look or thousand-yard stare.

Do you want his name, too?

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Is that a tech guy from 1946?

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It could be a tech guy from Indiana.

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Here’s one.




You have to adapt to your physical appearance and the seriousness of the part.

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@ibstubro your first example (here’s one) looks just like my friend’s son 15 years ago, painted nails and all. He was, and is, definitely a techie, with his own software company these days. So I vote for him.

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Yeah, I know that guy too, @Adagio, that’s why he was first. It’s just a different him.

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Having the right t-shirt would really sell the part. Some examples.

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Okay, just an update: I went for maroon tight jeans and a neon-green long-sleeve shirt. Uh, oops…? The first reaction – “jeez, do you have anything to cover up that shirt with?”. A couple of group shots later: “you’re sticking out like a sore-thumb”. Apparently the whole “look” was supposed to be black. Apparently ghost hunting is not a technicolor vocation. Thanks for the memo, dudes! Beyond that, it went well. Apparently what I lack in proper attire I make up for in other ways!

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