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Do you have a favorite "go cup" for coffee or tea?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) October 14th, 2015 from iPhone

I’m looking for something to take on my commute. I’ve had stainless steel travel mugs, but find they can get tainted by flavored coffees. Any suggestions?

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PS. I am not spamming, just suggesting!

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I love my to go cup Though I don’t commute far to work this cup keeps my coffee/tea piping hot all the way through lunch time. Another great feature it is entirely spill-proof

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I’ve yet to find one I really like, so I just carry around the hand-thrown cup made by a potter friend.

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I have a free one from the library cafe. Looks a lot like this. It does the job of being lidded – library rules – but is not spill proof or particularly insulated. I like it though

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I have a 1970s/80s Stanley Alladin thermos which I love. Look for an older one from back when they were made in Nashville. They’re made in China now and the quality differences are glaring. Most modern thermoses are not that great in my experience.

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Break the habit of flavoured coffee? Just kidding. You can clean stainless steel with rubbing alcohol. It helps.

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No,but I do have a favorite raincoat I wear for such occasions

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I have this REI mug and love it. It’s lightweight, closes up tight so it doesn’t leak, is dishwasher safe, recycled, inexpensive and doesn’t seem to retain flavors, though I don’t drink flavored coffee.

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I have a stainless steel cup with a pink rubber lid but sometimes I just pout my coffee in my favorite, insulated plastic water cup. Keeps it warm while drinking without a lid and the cup is tall enough that it does not slosh out when in my console driving.

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Bought a YETI 20 oz. works good for me. Stainless with vacuum walls, holds the temp good.

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I carry a green stanley thermos. Same ones that have been around for decades. Holds a perfect amount of my daily coffee and keeps it hot all day.

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Thanks, all. @cazzie, yeah, I generally don’t drink flavored coffee, but I once received clove-flavored coffee as a gift and it totally permeated my stainless steel travel mug. Maybe I should just get another one anyway.

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I have a ceramic one with a silicone top. It has an evil company logo on it but my coffee doesn’t take any notice. It cleans up really well. Only downside is I have to hold it on the bus until it is empty. It doesn’t have a top that closes.

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