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Who would care to speculate on the implications of a Sanders vs. Trump face off in November of 2016?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22380points) October 14th, 2015

I mean it would be difficult to imagine a more disparate pair of choices.

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They are unified in what they represent: a shock to the system and a chance at actual change of the sort we keep being promised by mainstream candidates. Whether they’d actually be able to pull it off is a whole other question, but it’s hard to paint either one as an establishment candidate. People are so sick of politics as usual that they’re willing to try burning the system down to see if that helps. And that’s why I keep having the odd experience of meeting people who are having a tough time picking between voting for Trump or voting for Sanders despite the vast difference in their political positions (I live in an open primary state, so we’ll get to make this decision at least once). A lot of people are more worried about politics itself than policy right now—or at least willing to temporarily ditch their policy concerns if it means upsetting the political establishment.

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I asked this same question at lunch today, and there was wringing of hands all around. It’s unfathomable, yet possible. It’s at once highly disturbing and highly entertaining.

I rarely answer political questions, so I’m on uncomfortable ground here; but it’s unlikely either candidate could make real on the promises given the current state of legislative gridlock. However, I shudder at the thought of The Donald as POTUS. Un-effin-fathomable. I will truly hide under the bed if/when that happens.

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2 great answers!

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How about Oprah vs. Glenn Beck? That would be more disparate.

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After watching Bernie last night I sincerely do not think he has the stamina to stand up the constant barrage that awaits him from both his fellow Dem opponents and of course the big money that is awaiting the anointed Democratic front runner. Trump thrives on confrontation and it would be a no contest, throw in the towel before the first round is over.

Both Sanders and Hilary are so far left they will both have a very hard time getting independents to vote for them. Trump on the other hand “LOVES Independents, he “RESPECTS” Independents and of course “CHERISHES” Independents.

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Are you kidding? Sanders has the exact effect on the left that Trump exerts on the right’s “lunatic fringe” in that the people who’ve given up on both parties see “outsiders”. And Sanders has the stamina of a water buffalo. The man has been swimming against the current for better than 40 years without a sign of even stopping for breath. And Hillary is barely left of what sane people define as “moderate”. What’s interesting about Trump is the impossibility of categorizing him as conservative or anything else other than disruptive. It’s gonna be a fun time!

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@stanleybmanly…watch the replay…Sanders was leaning on the lecture almost the entire debate! Probably trying to catch his breath from all the gruelling hand waving he was doing.~

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I think Sanders hangs onto the lectern to avoid the index-finger jabs at the air that he does in the Senate when he’s whipped up and making a response. Avoiding a ‘Howard Dean’ moment.

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Bernie would win. If that is a problem now then people who are/could be overly concerned about it just haven’t placed their heads between their legs and kissed their a$$es goodbye yet. Best to git ‘er done while you can!!!

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The odds of that happening are about as likely as winning a power-ball lottery. But if it happened voter turn out would likely be an all time record low. Why bother to show up. We’re totally screwed either way. HA!

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