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What day was crime rate the lowest worldwide in the past hundred years?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) October 14th, 2015

Like for instance the moon landings where all the planet ( or your country of your choice ) was supposed to be peaceful.

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How on earth would anyone determine such a thing?

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@stanleybmanly Statistics like what is kept for weather. Also people report higher crime in full moons.

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September 12 2001.

Everyone around the world was in such shock from what happened on 9/11, that they were all at home. No crime.

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I’m not sure that day-by-day statistics are really kept track of for such things, however for the US it’s almost certainly September 11–12th, 2001. As I recall police in most major cities reported very little crime over night then. I’m pretty certain that the New York PD reported absolutely none. One would think that at least a few enterprising criminals might have tried to take advantage of the chaos and confusion of that day/night, but amazingly not.

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Steven Pinker says that the statistics show that violence, both wars and crime, have been generally declining over the last few hundred years. Link

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I had exactly the same thought as @elbanditoroso. 9–12-01.

It’s possible that another disaster at another time, such as The Hindenburg Disaster had a similar effect, given that newsreel footage was relatively new and reality TV would have probably been punishable by law.

The first walk on the moon certainly quieted things, and it was a quieter time.

Being Americentric it’s hard for me to guess, and I don’t know that the statistics exist.

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