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What are some signs that the person you're talking to is lying?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) July 22nd, 2008

Sometimes I get the feeling that someone’s lying, but I can never really tell. What are some tell-tale signs of a lie?

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lack of eye contact, fidgeting, too much detail, too much denial.

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These are not foolproof, of course, but here are the Seven Top Signs Someone is Lying:

1. No eye contact. Generally, if someone is lying they will not look you in the eye, at least during a certain part of the conversation. Normally, people make eye contact for at least half of a conversation, so anything less than this could be suspicious. One caveat: there are some people who will take great pains to make eye contact with you even if they’re lying, simply to make you think they’re not.

2. Change in voice. A change in the pitch of a person’s tone, or a lot of stammering (umm, ah), or throat clearing could indicate a lie.
3. Unusual body language. If a person taps their foot a lot, fidgets with their hands, raises their shoulders, turns away from you or brings their hand to their face (to touch their chin or nose, etc.)—in other words, if they act nervous or uncomfortable—it could mean they’re telling a lie. Also watch out for blushing (or becoming pale) and increased blinking.
4. Something sounds fishy. Making statements that contradict each other, are inconsistent or don’t sound quite right are usually part of a lie.
5. Overly defensive. Sometimes when a person is lying they will become extremely defensive, refusing to answer any questions and even accusing you of lying. This may mean they have something to hide.
6. Changes subject easily. If someone is lying and you change the subject, chances are high that they’ll go right along with it. A person telling the truth, however, will likely ask why you changed the subject and want to go back to it.
7. Humor or sarcasm. A guilty person will often try to change the subject using humor or sarcasm.

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You might be interested in this. Neurolinguistic Programming will give you a thorough and insightful view into the way we communicate with ourselves, and each other.

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when theres no eye contact, and the pouting of the lips, tries to change the subject or gets upset for no reason, and biting of the nails, and twiches

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Your gut will tell you to watch out. Listen politely and then
sleuth the info elsewhere before signing the contract.

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They look up instead of down. I saw that on tv as a kid and still use that tip today. :)

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eyes can tell everything.

Unless they are a damn good liar.

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Here you go. A fun introduction, and a little off topic.

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Try to be cool and don´t see shadows were there ain´t. Definitely the liars eyes won´t
sustain your eyes…good liars lie often…so they will be caught sooner or later!

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A liar will always try to divert your attention away from the topic when you call attention to it. Leading you off topic is a classic defense mechanism.
A liar will project his/her emotions towards you when they’re on the line.
A liar won’t think twice about answering a question with a question.
A liar is always right….in their eyes it seems.
A liar won’t push the limit when backed into a corner.
A liar fights accusations with accusations of her/his own.
A liar can’t see others’ opinions of a situation without injecting more lies.
A liar will quickly ask for proof and then twist the facts when presented with the evidence.
A liar has to pad an initial lie with more lies.
A liar always claims lack of memory or indifference.

Liars lack moral conscience and don’t care/think about the effect of their actions.

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In my opinions signs of lying is when they
Look Left (my psychology teacher told us about that)
Cough/clear throat a lot
No eye contact

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Apparently if you look to the left your composing a lie in your head. To the right if you’re remembering something.

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ive heard that in studies scientist have realized people tend to look to the left while they are lying, lack of eye contact, tone of voice changes, etc.

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Erm,they are not stood up or sat.

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I have a way of telling. If they don’t seem to be acting natural basically is the best way I can explain it. They stare blankly and their arms are straight on their side. And sometimes no eye contact and snickering.

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