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Returning Jellies (as well as active and newbies) what do you see as your "viable" place within the Fluther community?

Asked by Strauss (21222points) October 15th, 2015

I think it’s a good time to ask a q inspired by this question, -+originally asked by @ucme—question.

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Oh, @ucme is gone… boo

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I don’t understand what you mean by ”‘viable’ place” (and I looked at the other question and I still don’t understand it).

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The Canadian viewpoint.

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@gobears I think the meaning is totally up to you.

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I think it’s what it has always been. To help where I can, to offer the occasional opinion and learn some things.

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The voice of reason and logic to keep the place legitimate (hopefully).

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Hmm. I’m the unapologetic, stubborn bitch, who still has a big heart and a shoulder for those who need it.

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I think I see both sides of the story

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I denno. Sad that ucme left though.

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^ He’ll be back, they always manage to come back. There is only two ways out of Fluther, a toe tag or orange jumpsuit; I will take either, when i am gone, i am gone.

Banjo_Pickin_Appalachian_Wizar's avatar

I’m here for the babes.

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I don’t think about it like that. It’s what other Jellies think about my contribution that means something.

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@Hypocrisy Central. I have ambivalent feelings about the possibility of dying, and my body being discovered with fluther on the phone screen. Of course when you consider the man hours devoted to this place and the subsequent neglect of the people and things which supposedly matter, it’s laughingly just what I deserve.

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@stanleybmanly Of course when you consider the man hours devoted to this place and the subsequent neglect of the people and things which supposedly matter…

You mean I’m not the only one guilty of Fluthering when I should be othering?

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I am a crowd scene extra.

AshLeigh's avatar

I’m not so sure that I have one, anymore. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl here for awkward commentary.

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I am the pea under the bottom mattress.

Mimishu1995's avatar

After a long time here, I have come to a conclusion that I’m a drop of water, going to anywhere hollow enough.

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capable of working successfully; feasible.
“the proposed investment was economically viable”
“it doesn’t sound like a viable solution”

(of a seed or spore) able to germinate.

(of a plant, animal, or cell) capable of surviving or living successfully, especially under particular environmental conditions.

I’ll choose the Biology definition for the purposes of this question.

In order to survive and thrive under the conditions found on this site, I will make my place that of the distant observer on heated topic threads, unless asked specifically for my opinion via the “send this question to a friend” feature, and then, only giving my viewpoint and not further engaging in futile arguments.

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Sometimes the nerdy neighbor, sometimes the class clown, sometimes the provocateur… I wear many hats.

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A voice of reason, practicality, honesty. Like a knife: Straight to the point!

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a random champion of Veterans Rights and the 2nd amendment

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My place is over in the far back corner. And I will thank you to keep your stuff out of it.

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@ucme did not burn out, he has just faded away. So sad.

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I’m here to learn, and teach if I can. And to whip people.

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You see me might have closed an account, but he will be here with another persona.

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^ Wrong…again!!

I’m back, not that I ever left, only took a short…let’s just call it a “break” & be damned with it.
Seems a lot has gone on since I last was here, including one or two much missed returnees…hoorah!

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^^ like the new avatar ^^

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Yes it is rather splendid, my face & a customised exploding head, quite fetching if I do say so myself.

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See people… toe tag yet, either an orange jumpsuit.

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My viable place? I’ll take a seat by a window, please. Do you have any water views?

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@Hawaii_Jake You can swim in my pond any time!

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Penguins prefer colder climates than I’m accustomed to. My flippers might freeze.

janbb's avatar

I’ve never been rejected by a turtle before! Hmph!

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@Hawaii_Jake , not all penguins prefer colder climates. The jackass penguin is partial to Africa. Actually, they are found nowhere else.
@janbb , are you a jackass?
Fairy penguins frequent Australia and South America.
@janbb , are you a fairy?

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Hey! I’m the fairy around here.

janbb's avatar

^^ Was going to point that out but forebore. Guess that makes me the jackass.

_Seek_'s avatar

You are clearly an Empress, @janbb

janbb's avatar

Why thank you, @Seek ! (Bows – very stiffly – from the waist. Waist?)

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Where are your knees, dear penguin?

janbb's avatar

@Hawaii_Jake That’s a sore subject!

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Drunk uncle and protector of the underdogs. whether i agree with them or not. depends on how much of the drunk i’m channeling at any given time.

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I’m a lurking Lurve Fariy.

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