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In Firefox, where is the 100% for the size of font?

Asked by flo (11354points) October 15th, 2015

In Explorer it’s right there at the right bottom of the screen.

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That’s strange, as soon as I posted the OP it said “10 minutes ago”

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By the way I don’t see the three horizontal bars for menu on Firefox.
Okay now it is corrected, (the time since posting the OP)

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If you have the menus showing:
View -> Zoom ->Reset

If you do not have menus showing, click the settings “hamburger” in the upper right. There’s a 3-section row at the top. a minus sign to zoom out (shrink), the current zoom as a percentage and a plus sign to zoom in.

If the zoom is not 100%, click it to return it to 100%.

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Does holding the Ctrl key down and clicking either + or – achieve your goal?

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I use Ctrl-0 (the number zero) to reset my zoom level when it gets messed up.

And yes, the way they do menus in newer editions of Firefox is a bit odd and non-intuitive. It kind of threw me as well, though not terribly badly since I usually used keyboard commands instead of the menus.

@jaytkay “Hamburger”.... I like that!

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I know this is not quite what you are asking but when I want to change the zoom, I hold down the Ctrl key then use the scroll wheel on my mouse to zoom in and out. This works for most programmes I use like Chrome, Word, Excel

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Yo! @flo! Whadda ya know?

Any of these suggestions do the trick?

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@jaytkay The thing is the word Zoom is not there either under the “star” icon. But there is on Explorer under the “wheel” icon.

So the 3 horizontal bar icon is called a “hamburger” menu. At first I thought it was a slang word or something.

@ibstubro and @jerv and @Stinley yes those ideas work thank you all. I’m really curious where Firefox is hiding the menu bar, (hamburger menu)

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In the upper right corner of my Firefox screen there is a box at the end of a sky blue bar that has 3 horizontal black lines in it. My menu is there, @flo.

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Nice tip, @Stinley. I know literally hundreds and perhaps (literally) thousands of keyboard shortcuts, but I did not know that combination keyboard-mouse shortcut. That’s great. Thanks.

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@CWOTUS. No problem. I know lots too. Maybe we should have a question where we swap shortcuts and tips?

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@ibstubro It depends, I see it now and have seen it in the past but I was using another computer when I posted this OP, so I guess under what circumstances would you not find it?
Is it the version of Firefox?

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Beats me, @flo. I never knew it was there or used it until this question. lol

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Okay. Why is called a hamburger menu, by the way?

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It looks kind of like a hamburger.

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