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Is the Jedi Code a good way to live life?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 22nd, 2008

there is no emotion, there is peace.
there is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
there is no passion, there is serenity.
there is no chaos, there is harmony.
there is no death, there is the force.

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I guess we should ask a Jedi. Anyone?

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If there is no emotion, there is no joy. Fleeting though it may be, I would hate to give that up.

If there is no passion, why is life worth living? Passion for work, passion for your fellow man, passion for things you care about.

George Lucas gives us a teenage boy’s idea of philosophy.

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How can there be peace without emotion?
People would be like robots, sounds boring to me.

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@marina and cheeb, i’ve interperted the Code as to mean that you can have emotion but to not let it get in the way of your inner peace. same with passion versus serenity. if a jedi, or just plain person, were to act purely on passion rather than a clear, serene mind, they would make many wrong decisions as we often do. i think the Jedi Code should be worded to say “Emotions can not take away from my peace” and “serenity over passion.”

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I think the Jedi Code, like everything, has its good and bad points. No emotion, peace.. that means no war. Good. But like Marina said, no joy either.

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Luke sure looked passionate when he made the run on the Death Star. Of course, he was only an ersatz jedi.

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I’m not so sure it’s something to be taken so seriously…’s science fiction.

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No. Though certain qualities of the Jedi code are a good to have/not have, no joy, no passion? That would make life nothing to live for. And no death, no chaos? In my opinion, most of the Jedi code would in fact lead to chaos.

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Not for me, but it makes a good movie.

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And for S. Spielberg and George Lucas, there is no poverty, there is only gold under the mattress.

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It’s a good way to live life so long as you don’t forget to take your Prozium (or at least you’ll think it is).

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There is no fuss, there is only Fluther.

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sounds a little Buddhist… Interesting!

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I only really agree with 2 of the 5 (no death and no ignorance). On the whole I think it’s a bit of a stretch, considering we are only mortal. I wouldn’t advocate living in such extremes of the spectrum, but rather that we learn to find a balance in between.

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Only if you have the power of the force.

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may the force be with you.

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May the force be with us all!

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If you happen to be a Jedi, then yes otherwise you would be kicked out by the Jedi council. But if your not a Jedi then I would live life. I mean no passion, that would mean no love, you can’t even like your job!

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The jedi code Carries the meaning that peace of mind and heart should rule your desicions, not emotions. One should not kill their enemies because they would do it to them or kill them because of what they have cause or out of anger. It carries the meaning that you should not judge or belittle someone because they don’t know what you know or because they make an uniformed desicion. it means you should educate that person to help better themselves and the surrounding world. It carries the meaning serenity should be inherent in all things and instead of being passionate about something one should be serene and be one with everything around them rather than being biased torward one thing or person or one feeling, rather everything should be balanced. It carries the meaning that through chaos we tear the world apart but through harmony we can live in peace and live without passion because only through passion can war and chaos be created. lastly but not least it carries the meaning that there is no death, rather everything is composed of the force and when it dies it returns to the force to return the the world around it. Rather than death it means “There is no death, there is life” because after death there is only life and the force returning to itself.

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Seems there is a lot of mis-perception here. The Force, and indeed a lot of Buddhist philosophy, does not teach to avoid joy and/or happiness, does not teach to not enjoy life’s happy moments, but teaches not to become too attached to these feelings or let the pursuit of another “hit” of these feelings dictate our lives. Of course we should enjoy happiness when it comes along, but we should also realize that everything, EVERYTHING, is temporary (if it truly exists at all), so we should not let ourselves become too attached to something that will eventually change or disappear altogether. If we could realize this in our general day-to-day lives, the theory goes that we would live a much happier life in general instead of always struggling, clawing, desperately clinging to these temporary moments of happiness. Accept them, enjoy them, celebrate them!, but don’t cling desperately to them as this only brings unhappiness and the desire to not accept reality as it really is (temporary and relative, at best). Of course, this also helps when we come to life’s rough patches as well…

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But the Jedi knights do not live according to the code – at least, not in any of the original Star Wars series. BTW, I have loved Harrison Ford ever since Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The return of the Jedi. I saw the first prequel and thought it was rubbish, so I never saw the others. There is a great deal of fighting with laser swords and very little peace and almost no philosphy.

This is a teenager’s philosophy. Nothing wrong with it, since one grows up eventually.

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You can’t just light saber all your problems!

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Star Wars in general is a good thing to live by.

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