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Do you have a mental condition that your doctor won't touch with a ten foot pole?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 16th, 2015

For me the doctors won’t talk about my dejavu. They just fill my prescription and send me on my way. Humor welcome.

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I haven’t seen a doctor about my mental health. I went as far as to get a referral from my GP, but never had the guts to make an appointment.

My brother did get dumped by his psychiatrist. Bipolar pathological liar… I guess the fees weren’t worth the waste of time.

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For deja vu, I recommend a hot bath in a new tub each night. That’ll keep you hopping.

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There are distinctive responsibility for doctors and therapist, doctors in charge of prescription, they drug you; therapists listen and talk, they heal you in another way.

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My OCD has ADHD, everything I do is perfectly half-assed.

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I’ve heard quite often that deja vu is actually your brain having tiny seizures. I have NO idea whether or not it’s true.

There are lots of things that docs are too lazy to touch anymore. They just write a prescription for antidepressants or anxiety meds and wave buh-bye.

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I went to my last doctor’s appointment naked and wrapped in polythene. He said I can see you’re nuts.

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First they diagnose PTSD. Then the next says: that’s just for military war victims!
Um…no. Just a different type of war. If I had the military weaponry, there wouldn’t be any PTSD at all! Just another problem solved. Thank you very much.

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They cannot help me so I no longer bother. I just take the meds, try to understand more about what makes us tick and cross each freaking day off the calendar counting down the days till final my exit/departure.

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