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Will a summoned demon do anything you command him to, even if it is not his 'nature'?

Asked by ragingloli (52051points) October 17th, 2015

Specifically, say you had less than satisfying experiences with a succubus/incubus, would a demon, that is usually summoned to kill people, still follow a command to perform sex acts with you?

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Possibly but you will end up being subjugated and consumed thereafter.

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Such questions as this deserve to be answered through rigorous research and experimentation. Please inform us of your “results”.

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I have three summoned demons. They will eventually do everything you command.. but only after they whine about it for a long period of time. I’ve never commanded them to do anything that wasn’t their “nature” though.. that just sounds wrong. I took one of them to their science fair the other night. It was a blast. I love my demons.

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Sure as long as the money is there, even demons have their price.

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One of the things I see a lot in books, games and movies is that a demon can be summoned from its realm to do your bidding. However you need some means to restrain or bind him in some way until you’re ready to send him back or destroy him. Like magic circles and shit. One for him, or one for you. If you’re not strong enough to hold the barrier, the demon will most likely destroy you.
I don’t think demons enjoy being summoned, especially not by humans. That’s probably real insulting to them. Maybe demons have different personalities, but they’re also not called demons for nothing. But while summoned and under your command, it will do anythig you ask of it, unless its powers do not allow what you demand.

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Depends on how much money you have. Even hell runs on money. Also it’s fifty fifty that you would get the right gender. I thought that angels and demons are genderless. I guess you can tenticle ass rape a demon. It might be better to go to a legal brothel. They have them in Northern Europe which is close to Germany.

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When I read the title I was thinking this would be about commanding the summoned demons to crochet you a sweater, dust the hard-to-reach bookshelves, or do the chicken dance. haha.

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It’s like the tooth fairy, she could flip things around & take money from old people, then gift them a lovely new set of gnashers.
She never does though, demonic sadist behaviour if you like.

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Lmao, gnashers. Never heard that before, that’s awesome.

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If summoned the correct way the demon will indeed do your bidding. That is their nature. I would be wary of sex with demons however, it is invariably not what it is cracked up to be and is often intensely unpleasant. (So I am told).

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Don’t do it.
Payback is a bitch, and their ‘family members’ will not take less than all of you.
Find a nice helper- like on Craig’s list…under domestic hellraisers.

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I wouldn’t mind summoning Anna Silk.

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How do you know the demon is male?

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@dxs you assume loli is female, human & heterosexual

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In entertainment, demons always have shapes you can recognize, which first and foremost identicate its gender, or the illusion thereof it wishes you to recognize. And when it doesn’t, the human mind will automatically attribute a gender to it based on which it resembles the most.
If it’s a mass of tenticles, ragingloli may attribute it as male because in hentai tenticles do what penises do. (I suppose it could be a futanari tenticle monster though) If it looks like some kind of ultimate insect, it may be interpreted as female, or queen. (regardless of the truth)

And then of course, if it has a voice, that gives it away even more.

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