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How to apply for college?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) October 17th, 2015

No, I know how, I promise. I just needed a kicker so you would click on the question.

I’ve already been accepted into University of Iowa, but my transcripts haven’t even arrived at the school yet. I submitted an application to Hanover, and no response, but my transcripts aren’t there yet either. None of my teacher recommendations are at any of the schools I’m applying to yet either.

I was really shocked that Iowa accepted my application so quickly, but I’m concerned for the future of my other applications; is it okay to send in my applications without any recommendations or transcripts there yet? Or should I wait until those get there and then submit my application? Will my application status be deferred if nothing is there yet?

Sorry, I’m just freaking out a lit(lot)tle.

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Let the process do what it’s going to do. Do your part by sending in the application, and step back from the rest. It will happen on its own.

This is a very exciting time for you, and you should relish the whole thing. I wish you the best of luck for all your applications!

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Never hold back a piece of the application because you fear it will be incomplete. The admissions people expect the pieces to trickle in one at a time; it’s their job to keep track. The one thing you should probably do (if you are worried) is check with admissions to see if everything has arrived when you still have time to replace things that may be missing. It’s not uncommon for a referee to forget to send a letter, for example. If the admissions officer knows that you are working on tracking down a single document, they will sometimes give you a bit of leeway with the deadline.

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Yeah. Do send in what you can and then let the other stuff come later. As long as you keep track of it all. When I applied to one private university, I hadn’t sent in either a letter of recommendation or an essay yet, both of which were required. A few weeks later they still hadn’t been turned it but the college sent back an acceptance letter with an $18000/year scholarship.

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